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Lesson stretch marks, skin tone discolorations, and old acne scars by watching this video on how to use African Shea Butter (100% natural) to get rid of skin flaws. Stretch marks & scars cream - stretch mark, The affordable new secret to beautiful skin are you tired of those unsightly stretch marks and sagging skin? How rid acne scars naturally home hira, Acne scar occurs ’ pop pimples spots inflamed. These 7 ways I am sharing, are theMOST EFFECTIVE ways that makes those ridiculous scars disappear, no matter what type they are (acne scars, tissue scars etc). Dear jessica, perhaps u might wanna try this, dunno if it works to u, but its helped me a lot. I had used before the sugar and the lemon on my face and almost every part of my body, it takes away a lot of dead skin, as well as makeup remover. Hi Krishna, I stumbled upon this blog when I was looking for a solution for my panda eyes AKA dark circles. I have been using Epiduo and I have every scar known to man from acne scars and it has taken so far about 6 weeks but my chest has cleared up immensely. It has actually become very popular since about 5 months ago and I have been using it since the beginning of January. I had to have my keloid scars recut from a cosmetic surgeon, my leg incisions are over 4 feet long.
How long does it take for the stretch marks to go away witht the treatment of cocoa butter? Im 14 years old and i have some stretch marks right under my hips, they aren’t too noticeable but when the light hits them you can easily see them and gosh its so embarrassing! I would really recommend you cocoa butter mixed with shea butter if your stretch marks are very noticeable and for your scar just use pure cocoa butter and this should work.. I think I’ll try one to help my stretch marks pin my tummy, they’re pretty old so how long do you think it will take?
Cocoa butter was not effective for me either despite using it during pregnancy AND for several months post partum.
Cocoa butter will NOT get rid of stretch marks (actually, neither will aloe) STRETCH MARKS ARE PERMANENT!
Stretch marks are permanent yes, but they can fade and with the right lotion the thin skin of the marks can actually build up.i tried everything that was sold in stores and nothing seemed to work no matter how many times and how long I used them.

It might be difficult if they are 20 years old but use cocoa butter 2 times a day and in shower put the turmeric paste on for 2-3 mins.
Put the slides of Potato on the stretch marks, or you can rub Potato juice over stretch marks. Alpha hydroxyl acid and vitamin C in lemon help remove effectively dead cells and skin stretch marks. For better home remedies for stretch marks, you can mix lemon juice with other components in equivalent amounts (for instance one spoon of water lemon and one spoon of other components). Alfalfa plant is rich in amino acid, Vitamins A, K, which help pull out stretch marks and make your skin brightening.
After reading the article about home remedies for stretch marks, I hope you get some useful treatments to take out the ugly marks.
Whether you went through a recent weight gain from eating a few too many ho hos or are recovering from post-pregnancy weight, stretch marks tend to pop up because your skin is stretching beyond that which its fibers can stay stable. Take some gel (depends on the size of the scar) and rub it on the scar in Circular Motions until your skin absorbs it.
I have some pretty awful scars on my knees I’d like to clear up!(; Thanks so much for posting this!
I know one of my only options is to get the laser treatment but it is very expensive so that is not an option for me right now. And for the last 5 years, the ONLY lotions I’ve used for my entire body (except face) are pure cocoa butter, and cocoa with shea butter. I actually got rid of my stretch marks applying pure coconut oil daily to my skin and consuming 3-4 tablespoons internally. I had terrible thick purple stretch marks after my daughter and used mederma on them from the day I got them for about 3 months. My sister used coco butter daily with both pregancys and she is very tiny to be stretched so far and no strech marks. I gained a lot of weight with my first child, and it doesn’t matter how much weight I loose, I still have the stretch marks. I would like to introduce product made from Apricot fruit that you can apply daily for a month or more.
For the best result, you should take Aloe Vera gel from Aloe Vera left instead of stored gel.

Potato contains many nutritious: fatty acid, carotenoid, polyphenol, calcium, magnesium, phytochemical, phosphorus, zinc… Potato functions as stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis which help restore cells skin and remove stretch marks.
Water is the need for reforming elastin, the home remedies for stretch marks may not affect if the cells of skin do not get enough water. If you have any question or idea to share, please do not hesitate over sharing with us at AllRemedies, we always listen for you. I have bad stretch marks and Bio-Oil doesn’t work very well for me so I’m going to try some of these!
I continued to use the cocoa butter despite this and here I am, 6 months later and they look as bright as the day they arrived.
The only thing I have found decent success with is exfoliating the areas everyday with a GOOD body scrub and following up with bio-oil rubbed in circular motions. Even the shallow scars with coloring are losing the color and are almost looking like they’re filling in. I have HORRIBLE wide stretch marks on my hips from baby #1 and hundreds of smaller stretch marks on my stomach and thighs from all 3.
My keloids on my back have almost smoothed out and it has only been about a week and a half. Epiduo does cause irritation and red skin and can make your skin blotchy but after your skin clears up it starts to stop itching and lose that blotchyness.
Yes, your skin is structured from elastin, that elastin are sensitive, soft and elasticated.
When I get pimples on my face from my period and apply it, they disappear the next morning. It took my face about 6 months to clear up and to lose most of the scarring but it was worth it. Through progress, they are lost its natural color instead on white or gleaming white at that place and they make you lose your confidence. There’s also a thing you can get to wear the Rx cream is only $35 and it lasts you about 3-5 months depending on how much you use at a time and how big the infected space it.

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