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If you’re suffering with a fishy odor after you have sex, it could be that you’ve got a vaginal infection. For the majority of cases, women who have a powerful pungent vaginal smell after they’ve had sex are suffering from an infection that’s developed.
If you already have a vaginal odor before sex, having unprotected sex will worsen the smell because of the sweat and semen. Use Condoms – If you want to not suffer with vaginal odor after you have sex, you should tell your sexual partner to use a condom. Use Proper Panties – You should also wear loose-fit cotton panties that will allow air to flow through to the vagina so any bad smell you have can escape. Copyright 2012-2015 - Bacterial Vaginosis Removal - Contact Us - Disclaimer - Privacy - Sitemap.

A healthy vagina tends to have a mild vaginal odor all the time; however, some women notice that the odor becomes more pronounced after they’ve had unprotected sex.
Keep in mind that vaginal infections are the result of a plethora of microorganisms that have built up – fungi, bacteria or yeast. Discharge appearing after sex will usually be yellowish and thick, followed by the bad smell. If you wear non-absorbent underwear or tight underwear, moisture can be locked in and cause additional odor.
A yeast overgrowth tends to cause a vaginal yeast infection while Gardnerella vaginalis bacteria overgrowth will cause bacterial vaginosis (BV).
But, if you’re really concerned or the smell is extremely pungent after you have sex, it’s important to speak with your doctor to get a diagnosis.

When semen is ejaculated into the vagina, the flora of the vagina becomes disrupted with the pH change. The same thing applies to blood during menstruation, which is why most women have a strong vaginal odor during their period.

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