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People with heartburn may notice a sour taste due to acid and undigested food coming back up to their mouths. Sour saliva can be the result of a number of common problems, some of them fairly short lived and others more long term. In many cases, sour saliva is a brief problem that resolves itself once the cause is no longer present. Every posting shows the same, but one reason for sour saliva or bad taste is liver toxicity or gallbladder problems.
Can antibiotics cause sour saliva? My daughter was on a course of antibiotics recently for a bacterial infection. The situation worsens at night because I have to wake up in the middle of the night to clean my mouth with fresh water. It's actually not saliva, it's stomach acid coming up through your throat and into your mouth. Did she take a strong dose of antibiotics? I've gotten sour saliva from antibiotics before when I had to take a huge dose for an entire month.
She is done with her course but for the past few days, she has been complaining about her saliva tasting sour. Should I be worried?
I have visited several hospitals but the problem is still there despite that fact that I brush my teeth twice a day -- in the morning and before I go to bed.
It's really gross. This was actually one of the first symptoms I had when I developed acid reflux.
I had a several stomach infection and I was taking 3000mg of antibiotics a day for four weeks. After the first week, my mouth started tasting like antibiotics constantly, which was an odd, sour taste. It was not pleasant at all and it only went away a few weeks I completed my medications.

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