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Bed bugs can be introduced into a structure via used furniture, on belongings or an individual who has a bed bug infestation. If you find bed bugs or think you may have a bed bug infestation, contact Craig Thomas Pest Control to perform a complete inspection of your home. If you find bed bugs, do not move to another room in the house or relocate to another location. You will find that fungal infections are a common occurrence on the nails of your toes and fingers but are more likely to occur in the toes. Fungal Infections are common in both toenails and fingernails but are found more often on the toes.
Tea Tree oil: This is a potent antiseptic found in nature that can remove and kill the fungus.
Let Craig Thomas Pest Control be your partner in preventing or solving your bed bug infestations in your home, housing complex, hotel or other type of facility.

This includes, baseboards, upholstery, furniture crevices, carpet, wall hangings, night stands, floorboard cracks, behind loose wallpaper, light switches, door and window frames and other hidden places.
Bed bugs can go over a year without a blood meal, so moving to another location, will spread the problem. These infections are not to be overlooked as they can be harmful by growing as they feed on the Keratin that is part of the surface of the toenails.
These infections are not good because as they grow they begin to feed on the keratin that makes up the surface of the toenails. Many people who have this problem seek home remedies for toenail fungus not only for relief but also cure. You will need to dilute with olive oil before applying the  tea tree oil to the toe nail that is affected. The toenail infections the probability of it occurring is more in the little and the big toe as they are both on the outside and are more vulnerable.

These home remedies can not only remove the fungus that causes the infection they are also tend to minimize the damage to the toenail unlike other medications.
Many a time peroxide and bleach are used to cure the problem in terms of home remedies that stops the spreading and also cures the infection.
They release an unpleasant smell, infest homes and gardens from spring through fall, and feed on plants.
They are attracted to light.They are invading Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

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