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Both men and women normally face the problem of increasing fat around the belly as they enter old age.
This problem mainly occurs due to declining level of estrogen in the body, Also, during old age, the activity kevel of the women goes down, which subsequently results in increased stomach fat. Further, the diet pattern of the women also gets disturbed which results in weight gain. If in case, women gain stomach fat during the menopausal phase, they should try their level best to get rid of it through healthy diet, abdominal exercises, and high intensity or moderate intensity workouts. They can be either eaten cooked or raw; however, the cooked version is preferable due to easy and faster absorbability. Before starting with intensive cardio workouts, it is advised to go for certain warm up exercises. These are moderate intensity workouts, which do not exert excessive pressure on the joints, hence preventing the women from joint problem, which is very common in old age.

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During old age, women enter the menopausal phase, which is often accompanied by an increase in the waistline.
This results in an increase in body weight, which is very harmful for the health of the heart. It is extremely crucial for women to prevent menopausal stomach fat, so that they are able to live a healthy and fit life for a long period of time.
In this article, we are going to discuss in detail about several ways to get rid of menopausal stomach fat. Apart from tomatoes, it is recommended to include mushrooms, virgin coconut oil, and strawberries in the diet. Foods prepared with peanut oil and sesame oil are also healthy alternatives to coconut oil.
This action would help in improving your metabolism and stamina to get rid of menopausal stomach fat soon. Both low intensity and high intensity cardio workouts should be included in the workout plan, so as to attain maximum benefit.

Women should carry out their preferable cardio workouts for half an hour at least thrice in a week, so that extra stomach fat is lost gradually and effectively. The excessive belly fat would be gone effectually with the aid of regular abdominal exercises. Pilates is a very good form of abdominal exercise, which not only helps in flattening the stomach, but also assists in improving the endurance, coordination, and strength in legs, back, and arms.
Further, it is advised to increase the intake of foods rich in antioxidants. Tomatoes are very good sources of antioxidants and should be eaten at least thrice in a week to maintain healthy body weight.

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