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To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. In spite of a massive attack by germs and bacteria every minute, your body puts up an effective resistance that really works. In a miraculous way the body creates a defence against the millions of germs and viruses that attack us every day. The saliva in the mouth and the tears contain a strong germicidal antiseptic called Lysozyme, and the digestive juices in the stomach also contain powerful antiseptic chemicals.
Watery eyes, a sneeze or a cough are all examples of how the body tries to get rid of attacking germs and bacteria. The shot contains a microscopic amount of the virus, not enough for you to get sick, but enough for the system to learn its pattern and create antibodies to resist a second attack.

Some germs are clever enough to evade the defence system of antibodies because they can change their pattern. For example, the flu virus is hard to defeat, since it comes in different shapes and patterns, and each one will need a separate antibody.
Even though the body has an effective and self-sustaining defence system, we can contribute and make things easier for the body to defend itself. Vaccination is a way of teaching the body how to resist a certain virus, but there are other ways of helping the system. Most bacteria and germs are transported via the hands, so good hand hygiene is essential if we want to help. It also goes without saying that it is not smart to expose the body to dangerous environments.

Inhaling fumes and particles will be a hard challenge for the defence system and so will careless contact with infected or contagious surroundings. If we take these measures, we will contribute to the body's self-defence, but in general the body has an amazing ability to look after itself without our interference.

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