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As the seasons turn colder, many people start to worry about different illnesses, like strep throat. Here at the Healthtipswatch blog we look for interesting articles covering health, fitness and diet tips from around the world. My family tries to do what we can to prevent as many germs and illness by washing our hands, getting plenty of rest and eating whole foods.
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Treating strep throat by gargling with salt water is one of the most ancient preventive measures that is still practiced today. With strep throat there is also mucus lining on the walls of the mouth and it is behind this mucus that germs reside.
Now check the glass of salt water and make sure that it is warm enough and it does not hurt you when you touch it.

Next put the salt water mouth wash in your mouth and lean your head back a little as it reaches your epiglottis. Oz's Advice Tagged With: cold virus 2010, cold virus 2011, Cold Virus vs Strep Bacteria, doctor oz, Dr Oz Cold Virus, Dr Oz How to Get Rid of Throat Pain, Dr Oz Sore Throat, Dr Oz Sore Throat Soothers, Dr Oz Strep, Dr Oz Strep Bacteria, Dr Oz Strep Throat vs Virus, dr. I think it’s important to try to make as many healthy small changes as possible to lead up to big results. Whether or not gargling with salt water really heals strep throat is a long debate so let’s not go into such details. Gargling with warm salt water is an instant solution to get rid of strep throat and to clean away the mucus sitting on it. You can get it from the market but since it is easy to prepare, it is better to make it at home. Now for few seconds, feel the salt water exactly on the area of your throat that feels sore.

But one thing is for sure that gargling your mouth with salt water for a few seconds temporarily relieves you from the pain. Warm water soothes your throat and the salt will help in taking away the moisture from the viruses.
Keep in mind that if strep throat is caused by a virus then it cannot be killed with warm salt water and you will have to seek medical attention.

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