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How build dog door flap - pets - thenest, A dog door without a flap is effective in letting your pup in and out, but it lets in other critters too. Cleaning pet urine odor hardwood floors thriftyfun, This guide cleaning pet urine odors hardwood floors. Dog odor comes from the oil in the fur and discharge from the anal glands of the animal that express an oily material that is very strong smelling and very hard to remove from carpet. The Ozone machine shown below is very effective for removing dog odor and general household odors such as cooking, and can be used also for killing mold, eliminating dust mites, reducing cooking smells, and many other uses to purify and improve the odors in a home. Check that these areas are contaminated by either smelling them or the easier way by applying some of our product and apply it to the suspect spots. Once you have identified the areas then spray the carpet surface with our product and watch for reactions.

If you have a wet vac then extract the area to remove chemical and contamination’s orĀ  just leave the carpet to dry. Once the carpet dries the odor will be gone as the formula will break down the contaminants.
Here is a great wet vac for your home, there are smaller ones if you need from the same brand. Below is a shot of a dog rubbing its backside on the carpet and this odor we find is the strongest and most common problem. Just switch it on, go out and do your shopping and when you get back your odors will be gone. In most jobs we have done there are usually 2 to 3 areas that are worst affected and caused by the dog spending more time there.

Look in social areas such the TV room, near the dining areas and as mentioned a usual sign of dog odor is a darkening in the carpet.
Open doors and windows to allow plenty of fresh air or alternatively put a heater or dehumidifier in the room. Below is a typical sign of dog odor in carpet as the carpet is darker from the oil in the coat.
I usually smell the carpet and find the main contamination very quickly, however a lot of folk won’t be keen on this.

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