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As beautiful breasts of women acts as a catalyst to countless poets’ creations, the question that arises is, should a perfect pair of breasts be big or small.
It should not be too small to feed the fantasies of poets and then again, it should not be so large that they create health issues for the owner. Bigger and heavier breasts, though might get you the attention, it may also give you arthritis, breast cancer, backache, etc. Reduction of breast size is not actually reducing the breast size; instead, it is the tightening of the breast muscles and kicking out the unnecessary fat. The breast region is made of fat cells, which, when you burn calories, will start to get toned. The first thing you need to do to tone, or reduce the size of your breasts, is removing all the extra fatty tissues present in your breasts.

Bench presses and shoulder presses are two exercises, which will help your breasts to attain that ‘uplifted’ look. So, it’s time to remove the extra bit and don’t get sad because, you will look much more attractive after shedding some part. It is best that you perform the exercises in a gymnasium or a place, where a trainer is available, if you are performing the exercises for the first time. In addition to doing whatever the exercise can do about reducing the fat from your chest, what it is best at is toning and giving a proper shape to your breasts. Instead of balancing the lower portion of your body on your toes (which happens in men’s push-ups), balance the lower body on your knees. Now, slowly bring them back towards the backside of your head until the arms are parallel to the floor.

In a few weeks, the whole body of yours will be having less fat and thus you will get all toned and more beautiful. Take caution while performing this exercise and perform slowly, as it might strain your upper arms otherwise.

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