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Related ArticlesHow to Prevent Flats from Being Ruined by Sweaty Feet?: Excessive sweating of the feet is known as plantar hyperhidrosis. A Cure to Smelly Feet that Actually Works: Many people will feel ashamed when their feet smell in public.
How to get rid of Stinky Feet through Natural and Home remedies!: Sweaty feet cause smelly or stinky feet.
How to Stop Feet from Sweating: Your sweaty feet may be an accomplice to wear out your footwear soon.

There are many reasons why shoes are the best, but there are also plenty of reasons why they’re kind of the worst. Shoes may bring your outfit to the next level, but they can also easily get destroyed because there’s so much wear and tear happening. Some of the prettiest, most impressive shoes are also some of the most uncomfortable – and I know from experience that walking around feeling like your feet are about to fall off is usually not even worth it. Stretch new shoes by filling a baggie with water, putting it in the shoes, then sticking them in the freezer.

Or break new shoes in by wearing them with thick socks and blowing them with hot air from a blow dryer.
From scuff marks to holes to just wearing out the heels, there’s so much that can happen that can ruin your favorite pair.

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