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After you are finished massaging,  wrap your breasts with cotton cloth or put on a tight fitting cloth t-shirt.
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The best help can be acquired by a dentist; however, if you are not able to get an appointment immediately then there are a few things that you can do at home to ease the pain to some extent. If you are unable to see a dentist and the pain is unbearable then you must go to the emergency room.
If your cheeks have got swelled up due to extreme toothache, one of the best methods to get rid of the same is to opt for warm compress.  Pour steaming hot water in a container and soak a sponge cloth in it.

Therefore, you need to split open an Aloe Vera leaf and dig out the green colored watery gel from within.
Drugstore remedy is always there for you when you wish to achieve instant result for swollen oral area. Antibiotics are the popularly chosen remedy for reducing swelling associated with toothache.  Antibiotics meant for dental complications work towards cutting down the strength of the infection causing bacteria in the affected dental area.
An immediate remedy for reduction of swelling connected with tooth ache is the application of ice pack.
Dry socket is generally happened where a blood clot fails to develop in the tooth socket as a normal part of healing, or if the blood clot is dislodged. The symptoms of the abscess are swelling in the mouth, pain, bleeding to some extent a bad taste in the mouth and fever.
This helps to reduce the pain and decreases the swelling in the jaw and along your neckline. You may also use clove oil in the area however I do not recommend it if the tooth is bleeding. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. The cheeks can become puffy, glands at the neck can get inflamed and in the worst conditions, the entire face can become puffed up.This aggravates the problem further, as now the sufferer develops an aesthetically degraded facial feature along with the dental complication. Drench it properly and press it gently against your swelled cheek for about five minutes at a stretch.  Repeat as and when necessary.

You will find it one of the greatest medicines that reduce every type of swelling in the oral part due to dental complications. Over the counter anti inflammatory drugs can be picked up in order to reduce this swelling and alleviate toothache associated with the same. But, never apply ice pack directly onto the swelled area as it will lead to severe discomfort. Drink plenty of water as you need to keep your body hydrated, especially if the area is bleeding.
We have compiled some measures that will help you in getting rid of swelling caused by tooth ache.
While lying down, stuff a number of pillows under your head to achieve the right elevation. The antibacterial properties of Aloe Vera neutralize the effect of infection causing dental bacteria.

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