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There are many ways to treat swollen lip including chemical treated products and home remedies. Like cold compress, using a warm compress to treat the swollen lip is also an effective remedy. Salt is one of the effective remedies on how to get rid of swollen lip naturally and fast at home. Turmeric powder has the antiseptic and healing properties that are very good for swollen lip.
This oil is another effective item for how to get rid of swollen lip naturally and fast at home. The above include 7 remedies for how to get rid of swollen lip naturally and fast at home that are very effective in treating swollen lip that we would like to show you in this website. VKool encourages comments, but please remember: Play nice, keep it clean, stay on-topic, and avoid promotional content. A sprained ankle which is also referred as rolled ankle and ankle ligament injury, sometimes lead to swollen ankles. Take enough rest: Even doctors recommend that rest should be taken when there is problem of swollen ankles. Compression method: This method uses wrapping the area of injury with out cutting off the blood circulation. Heat treatments: These treatments will help to make the tissues loose and improve the circulation of blood. Sleep properly: While you are sleeping just keep in mind that you have a good posture and also you have a good quality of sleep. Pregnancy related swelling: If ankles have swollen on account of pregnancy then it would be better to stay hydrated.
The term gingivitis is another word for gum disease – the gums are red, swollen and bleeding. Please be advised that most of the following steps or home remedies are unverified home remedies. An oral rinse that contains hydrogen peroxide, such as Colgate Peroxyl, is an antiseptic and antibacterial that helps treat infection and relieve inflammation when it comes in contact with an enzyme in the mouth. Corsodyl spray is a powerful spray that contains chlorhexidine gluconate (has antibacterial and antiplaque properties) which is also used to treat any pain or discomfort associated with mouth ulcers, inflammation and infections of the mouth. This gel contains hyaluronic acid (naturally found in the body and can be used to heal certain wounds and stimulate the production of new tissue) and gives best results if it is applied at night before going to sleep. Make sure that you ask questions of your dentist and don’t be afraid to get a second opinion if you are uncomfortable with the answers that are provided to you – I wish I had done that years ago!
It is also caused by other reasons such as illness, medicines, allergies, climatic conditions or dryness. You should remember to use only cold compress to apply on the swollen lip not to use ice because it can lead to soreness or mild frost bite.

When applying this way, the blood will be improved to the lip, decrease the accumulation of blood, and reduce the swelling and inflammation in the swollen area. But few people know it is also suggested to treat swollen lip that caused by allergic reaction, fever blister or insect or mosquito bite.
Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of tea tree oilA are very helpful for treating swollen lip effectively. But in case if pain and symptoms are still there you may consult your doctor and tell him to prescribe you a pain killer.
Are there good treatment and remedies that actually work in getting rid of lip swelling quickly, fast, overnight, in an hour or effectively? If your lip is swollen, you may have difficulty in eating, drinking, talking or even opening your mouth. With this remedy, you only need to use a paper towel or washcloth with ice inside or a cold spoon, press the cold compress gently on the swollen lip for about 10 minutes and take it out.
It is known as a natural disinfectant that is helpful for killing harmful germs that can cause infection.
In order to treat swollen lip, you have to mix a little turmeric powder with a teaspoon of fullera€™s earth and cold water to create a paste.
However, if you want to use this remedy, you should notice not to use this oil in its pure concentration and not use on children.
If you did, share with us your experience and result you got after using it to remove swollen lip by commenting here. But if the ankle is too bad even after several weeks of treatment then there are chances that the vein has become hepatic and there might be some critical problem like kidney problem or liver disease.
This remedy is used by mixing 3 teaspoons of baking soda with 1 teaspoon of water to make a thick paste.
Treating with tea tree oil is to dilute this oil with other oils like olive oil or coconut oil.
Swelling of organs is caused due to accumulation of excess fluids in the area which is affected. You should notice to avoid using this remedy in the initial few days of the injury and if you have a break in the skin.
Of course, the treatment options or swollen lip remedies you go for will at times depend on what caused the swelling. You need to wrap your ice cubes in a clean washcloth or a paper towel and gently apply it on the affected area. Alternatively, you also mix a teaspoon of aloe vera gel with some drops of tea tree oil to create a special paste. Do this for about 10-15 minutes followed by a break of 10-15 minutes before repeating again until the swelling begins to reduce. To use it, mix turmeric powder, cold water and fuller’s earth to make a simple herbal ointment which you can apply on the swollen area of your lip.  Let it stay there until it dries before you can carefully wash it off with warm water.

Do this twice a day.Aloe vera gel Apply aloe vera extractIf your lips are not only swollen but also red and inflamed, you need to use aloe vera gel since it has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Repeat this treatment for lips swelling a number of times in a day if the swelling does not reduce.
Tea tree oil and aloe vera mixture will ensure any dermal inflammation including the one on your mouth is calmed down.However, ensure you use dilute tea tree oil.
To use it, take about 1 table spoon of baking soda and add water until it forms a thick paste.
You can then wash it off with cold water.Fixing swollen fat lips with HoneyJust like turmeric power, honey has antibacterial and natural healing properties.
It works magic especially for people who want to get rid of a swollen lip fast, overnight or in a day or two. Take about a teaspoon of honey and apply it on the affected area using a fresh cotton ball.
Repeat this swollen lip treatment 2-3 times a day.Swollen lip treatment with teabagGoing on with ways on how to fix a swollen lip, black tea bags contain tannins with have astringent properties that will cause body tissue constriction and reduce the swelling.
Do this 3-4 times, severally in a day if you want quick results.Salt and witch hazelMixing 2 parts of hazel extract to one part of salt is great in reducing any external body swelling including the one on lips, soothing any pain and cleaning any cut on your lips.
Apply the mixture on the affected area for 15-20 minutes before washing it off with cold water. Repeat the process until you notice some change.Coconut oilCoconut oil helps reduce lip swelling fast, inflammation, excessive dryness, as well as curing any damaged skin. To heal a swollen lip using coconut oil, apply a layer on your lip, three or four times daily and leave it there.Warm salt compressSalty water is a good swollen lip injury treatment especially if you are punched, have a lip piercing, injections, bite your lips, you get hit by a blunt object or other physical injuries or traumas that left cuts behind.
You will simply mix of 1 tablespoon of salt in a cup of war water and apply it on the affected area.
It might cause a little sting but it will help in faster healing.The warm compress will ensure there is not accumulation of blood on the swollen area.
This will consequently reduce swelling in the affected area.Check your diet and use vitamin E capsule or lip balmTo help stop a swollen lip, ensure you get a balanced diet since lack of some vitamins can cause this problem, especially vitamins B and C. Some of the ideal treatments to reduce swelling in lip will be aloe vera gel use to reduce inflammation, use of OTC antihistamines such as diphenhydramine as well as OTC anti-inflammatory medications such as naproxen and ibuprofen.Treating lip swelling form oral herpesLip swelling and blisters from oral herpes or cold sores will typically disappear after 7-14 days. Oral antibiotics might be recommended to avoid possibilities of any secondary infections caused by bacteria.When to see a doctorIf all the above swollen lip treatments do not yield results and the condition seems to worsen, you should consider seeing a doctor. Furthermore, in case of a severe case that affects eating, breathing or talking and it spreads beyond the affected area, see you doctor.I guess you now know how to get rid of a swollen lip from kissing, sunburn, ingrown hair, lip pimples, biting, trauma, allergy, sores, insect bites and much more. The questions of what to do, how to help, what to take, what to put on swelling in lips should no longer be an issue.

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