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The Bed Bug Registry is a free, public database of user-submitted bed bug reports from across the United States and Canada.
The Bed Bug Registry exists to give travelers and renters a reliable and neutral platform for reporting their encounters with bed bugs.
Until a reliable, safe pesticide becomes available, avoiding bed bug encounters will be the only reliable way to ensure they don't spread into your own home.

The B-side was really, really great, in fact good enough to make me decide to do a cover on it and fit it into a swedish context, with swedish lyrics. Hollywood, like Manhattan, is essentially full of people from other places, especially middle America.
Surely not as much of a certifiable banger as Let’s Get Rid of New York, but still a great song nonetheless.

Regardless, the yell in the beginning of Let’s Get Rid of New York is so fucking gnarly and makes me just want to listen to the intro over and over again.

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