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If your video is part of your motherboard, see Changing primary video in BIOS section below for further instructions. If you are looking for a multiple screen computer system see NTI's QuadStationsComputers. That said, we are still recommending staying with version 10 which after recent updates, has become a very solid browser. We do this because even though v10 is a more solid browser in our view, it will become harder and harder to find as Microsoft buries it making way for their newest release.

If your your network card becomes disabled after you install a FireMV product this is a Microsoft issue and they have a fix for it.
If you are running version 8 or less it is time to upgrade to IE 10 as many security holes have been fixed since v8. This is done within Cataylst Control Center software included with the supported video cards.
Customer complaints come pouring in, it seems this is Microsoft's standard regimen for releasing new software.

When they roll out a new browser that is the only one they show on the front page of their website.
To save you some digging we have uploaded version 10 to our own FTP site which you can download here.

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