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Since you may be much more interested in the treatments, we conclude the following ones and hope you can get rid of planter warts successfully in a short time.
You simply need to put a small strip of tape over your warts and keep it on for about 6 days. Subungal and periungal warts look similar to other warts: ugly, rough bumps with uneven borders that sometimes resemble cauliflower.
Warts under the nail are more difficult to get rid of than other warts because they are difficult to reach. If after trying home remedies, your warts still haven't cleared, or if you're unable to get to the wart because it's too far down on the nail bed, see your doctor.
Though it is not harmful, it causes Pain and irritation and usually takes years to disappear without treatments.

The next step is to remove the tape and soak your feet in water or Apple cider vinegar which have more obvious effects.
Especially difficult to deal with are subungal and periungual warts, which appear under the fingernails and toenails.
One option is to make them easier to treat by clipping and filing nails away from the wart; this is only an option if the wart is closer to the tip of the nail than to the base.
After you've applied the treatment, cover with a bandage and repeat regularly, based on the product's directions. A general practitioner or a dermatologist can prescribe stronger medications and can also refer you to laser-based treatments, which can get at the wart without damaging the nail above.
In this case, you need to be very careful and reduce the use of public showers as much as possible.

After 20 minutes, with the help of a pumice stone or emery board, you can gently debride the warts. Soak your finger in warm water, then file away the edge of the nail and across the top of the nail with a smoother file to make the nail thinner. So whenever you get some skin traumas, remember to disinfect the wound before you bandage it. Of course, if you have a strong immune system, the chance you getting plantar warts is slim.

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