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If you have ever been infected with FBI virus, you will definitely know how serious this infections is.
Article 161 of United States of America criminal law provides for the punishment of deprivation of liberty for terms from 5 to 11 years. As soon as the money arrives to Treasury account, you phone will be unblocked and all information will be decrypted in course of 24 hours.
Beware that when infected with this threat you may also lose the ability to reach your important files.
Once you see a dialog window that offers you to reboot your Android to Safe Mode, select this option and OK. This entry was posted on 2014-11-06 at 03:52 and is filed under News, Viruses and parasites. Turn of your phone hold volume down and up same time with power button when first announcement on your phone appears let go of the power button and hold on to the volume keys until its completely on saying safe mode then after that just follow the steps this webiste gives you and your free. I got a variation of this virus on my Kindle Fire, but I cannot boot into safe mode as it has no volume buttons.
I have a advail 2 touchscreen android and im literally crying over here about this fbi stuff! In order to finish the removal of FBI Android virus, select Deactivate and OK They did no work it would not let me unchecked the virus and the ok button was scrambled with different letters.
Mac flashback malware: rid , The flashback trojan is the latest malware attack to target apple's mac platform. What do i do if my samsung galaxy tablet 2 or android phone is getting an unavoidable mandiant FBI virus notice? Now the cyber criminals who design the infamous FBI Moneypak Virus scam have turned their eyes on the growing mobile market as smartphones become more critical to the everyday lives of average people. From mentioned above, FBI Virus is the most frustrating malware that annoys Android users recently and it should be removed as soon as possible. Now as we know that Android smartphones and android tablets are used by tens of thousands of users around the world, those cyber criminals won’t miss this wonderful chance to create all kinds of viruses to infect the phones or tablets in order to reach their evil goals.
If you believe your Android phone or tablet has a virus then the good news is it's really easy to delete. Android viruses are installed via third-party apps; to remove an Android virus put your device in Safe mode, if necessary remove its administrator status and then uninstall the affected app.
First of all, it's worth pointing out that it's unlikely that your Android phone or tablet has a virus. All Android viruses are delivered via apps installed on your device, so if your phone or tablet doesn't already have a virus, the best way to avoid it getting one is to never install software outside of the Google Play app store.
This is also true of the Gunpoder virus, which recently hit the headlines after Palo Alto Networks discovered it could sneak on to your phone via Nintendo game emulators installed outside Google Play - and even has the cheek to make you pay for the priviledge. More recently the Mazar virus has hit headlines, arriving on your phone via a link in a text message that downloads the Tor browser.
To ensure you don't inadvertently install malware through the installation of apps outside of Google Play, open your Settings menu, look for the Security option, then ensure the option for Unknown Sources (allow installation of apps from unknown sources) is disabled. You can also install an antivirus app, and plenty of free Android antivirus apps are available that are able to detect and remove malicious apps, for example 360 Mobile Security, Avast and Lookout.
If you believe you already have a virus on your Android phone or tablet - perhaps one that is resisting your attempts to uninstall the associated app or even let you bypass the lock screen - a factory reset will remove it, returning your device to its out-of-the-box state.
Tap on the malicious app (clearly it won't be called 'Dodgy Android virus', this is just an illustration) to open the App info page, then click Uninstall.
With the virus now off your Android phone or tablet, all you need to is restart the device to take it out of Safe mode.
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For those who have never heard about it we must say that FBI virus is a dangerous cyber threat that was released several years ago. You are accused of committing the crime envisaged by Article 161 of United Stated of America criminal law.
Thus, you are suspected of violation of Article 148 of United States of America criminal law. On expiration of the term, 48 hours that follow will be used for automatic collection of data on yourself and your misconduct, and criminal case will be opened against you.
The good news is that this threat can hardly encrypt your files, what means that they can be recovered by eliminating this virus from the system. Once there, click on Apps or Application manager (this may differ depending on your device). I had a passcode to unlock my kindle so entered the wrong code till it gave an option for a factory reset. I’ve seen my three-year-old son was playing on my android tablet then the pop up porn site came up and he hit it now I have a FBI attention fraud with a $500 fee, do I owe this or is this just a scam how do I get this off? Hackers are spending more and more time creating different versions of their viruses to infiltrate several different mobile operating systems. If you download the malicious application, FBI virus scam will be immediately installed on your device. Users should know that when facing to various malware and viruses, Android phone is no longer safe anymore.
Don’t pay for anything or provide your personal information to this hoax, it won’t help lock out of the fake FBI virus warning but just waste your money.
Currently no APP is able to detect or remove this malware, even for preventing the virus from attacking the computer again. It even uses web cam control to make users panic and make them to pay for the ransom wrongly. What you're more likely to be seeing is an ad that wants to convince you Android is infected and you need to download an app, or a dodgy pop-up, or perhaps your device is just misbehaving. Fortunately, Gunpoder hasn't been seen to affect UK users as of yet, but it's still worth taking measures to protect yourself from the Gunpoder virus and other Android viruses that may be released in the future. Right now it appears to have affected devices only in Denmark, although it could potentially spread further. Check its permissions (does a video player really need to see your contacts?), look online for reviews and have a good look at the developer's site to see what else it offers. These all include an app scanner that will seek out anything dodgy, but note that these apps can also trigger false-positives - reporting an app you've been using for months as malware when you know it's fine.
In most cases, this is all you need to do to remove the virus, but occasionally you might find the Uninstall button is greyed out. According to several dozen of reports, this ransomware threat has recently been designed for Android OS. However, getting into Settings and trying to unlock the system may be a hard task, especially if you are not an experienced user. I believe the think on my Phone is a scam and won’t let me access my browser internet. So this time they have put FBI virus in users’ phones (including iPhone and Android) via many illegal methods which can completely lock the target mobile phones.
Once it is running, you will get a big warning  from FBI or other law enforcement agencies like Australian Federal Police, Metropolitan Police, U.S. Your phone has been blocked up for safety reasons” and I have no way to get out of this locked page.
Since the most common way for FBI virus to access users’ devices is from third-party apps, we suggest users not allow installation of apps from unknown sources enabled in your Android security settings.
If your android tablet or Android smartphone is locked, and you get a message on the screen from a law enforcement agency(FBI, Australian Federal Police, Metropolitan Police, U.S. Plus, we show you how to avoid the Gunpoder virus, the Mazar virus, and other Android malware. On many devices you can press the power button to access the power off options, then press and hold Power off to bring up an option to restart in Safe mode.
Simply untick the box for the app you want to remove, then tap Deactivate on the next screen.

If FBI virus infiltrates the system, it locks it down and then starts showing a huge warning message saying that the Federal Bureau of Investigation or other governmental authority noticed illegal activity.
Most people take it for granted is that Smartphones are safe to use so an increasing number of users now use their smartphones for making e-payments and money transfers, assuming that they are as secure as the bank’s infrastructure. I just downloaded an unknown video APP and ready to play some movies, then this warning popped up right away, and no matter how hard I tried to press whatever buttons on the phone screen, the FBI warning just won’t go away.
The safest bet is to stick with downloading well-known apps from well-known apps from reputable markets like Google Play in addition to having a security app. It makes you into thinking your picture has been taken and sent to FBI, or FBI is now watching what you are doing. Turn on, then press and hold Volume Down (Galaxy S3 and others), Volume Up (HTC One and others), or Volume Down and Volume Up together (various Motorola devices) when the vendor’s logo appears. Department of Justice), forcing you to pay a fine and threatening to lock your tablet or your phone forever if you can’t pay it at a limited time. If this doesn't work for your device then you should Google 'How to put [your model name] into Safe mode' and follow the instructions. It may accuse its victim for the use of copyrighted content, distribution of pornographic material and similar crimes.
However, the fact is Smartphones are mini computers in themselves and can absolutely become infected with all types of malware. A report from Kaspersky Labs said 98 per cent of mobile malware now targets the Android operating system, so Android phone undoubtedly becomes one of the main targets of the FBI virus. I felt nervous when it told me I need to pay $300 MoneyPak as soon as possible, I don’t know how to do at that moment. Also don’t spend any money on this FBI Ransomware, you have to get rid of it quickly in  order to keep the data in your phone safe and secure. In addition, victim is informed that the only way to unblock the affected computer and avoid the jail is to pay the fine of several hundreds of dollars. Just like other versions of this threat, it is spread thru fake alerts offering people to update their Adobe Flash Player, Java or similar programs.
And the android tablet can be attacked by the virus as many users use this mini machine to surf online or play game.
From the fake message, it accuses the computer users have done something illegal, such as downloading or distributing copyrighted material, viewing child pornography or distributing spam and then demands a fine from $100 to $500 via Moneypak or Ukash within 48 hours in order to correct this violation. I thought something bad might happen to me, so I did what it asked me to do, I paid for the money, guess what? Of course, you should never agree with this because you can never be sure that your payment will help you to unlock your computer. Such ads are mostly displayed on illegal websites but they may also show up when visiting legitimate sites that were hacked by the owners of Android ransomware. I was on my phone and I accidentally clicked on a malicious link, and then now I have a warning from the FBI saying that they had locked my phone due to some sort of violations and I had to pay a $500 fine! I did a little bit of quick research and it says that this is called FBI (Moneypak) virus which is a scam designed to scare people and extort their money. It locks up the whole page and only gives you a box to let you input the Moneypak code and unlock your device. People usually get the virus through downloading and installed a so-called “video player” app. Of course, it is also possible to get infected with this threat via infected email attachments, so stay away from suspicious mails actively offering you to download their attachment. It is no doubt that no one wants to take risk of being caught by the police, but paying the fine is not an option to get out of this FBI warning you see on the phone because this is not a real message. And I had already looked up some ways on how to get rid of it on my phone, but the only problem is that I CAN’T LEAVE THE PAGE. Instead, it is a hoax designed by cyber criminals who attempt to trick you and swindle your money. It won’t go away so I have no way to access my settings or apps manager to uninstall it, neither can I  go to Google Play to get an anti-virus remover.
And My husband failed to do the lock thing and we can’t unlock or turn the phone off unless we take out battery.

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