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A study published on the official site of the National Institute of Health in America shows that olive leaves contain a high number of polyphenols, powerful antioxidants that prevent premature aging of tissues. According to a study presented on the Institute’s web-site, olive leaves have properties of lowering cholesterol, all because oleuropein.
Need your data… has it been lost or deleted or hardrive failed then you need data recovery one of our specialties!!! We get your data back with some of the best  technology available and when needed even pull data even if it needs to go to a clean room. Medical evidence from the 19th century shows that a drink based on olive leaf extract was used successfully to treat patients with malaria. Several studies, including the one led by researchers at the Robert Lyons Clinic in Budapest, Hungary, showed the positive effect of olive leaf extract on multiple infections, including: viruses, laryngitis, ringworm, skin infections, pneumonia and stomatitis. An active substance with antioxidant properties is oleuropein, which is metabolized by the body into another substance, which also has antifungal properties.

Laboratory studies on mice have shown that oleuropein from olive leaf extract has a more visible effect on blood cholesterol than plain oleuropein. Researchers from Switzerland and Germany have made ??a study of 20 identical twins, monozygotic, with high blood pressure. If it is something major, you may not be able to get any work done until the problem is solved.
At the middle of the last century a pharmaceutical company has taken the first step in discovering the benefits of olive leaves: isolation of all active elements. Researches conducted over several years, by French scientists, have shown that herpes viruses are inhibited and even killed by olive leaf extract.
This is due to the interaction between oleuropein and other active substances from the olive leaves, experts say. We offer professional attitudes and a fast turnaround so you can get back to what’s important as quickly as possible.

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