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My friend took his gpen vaporizer with him to disneyland and it just looks like an ecig but he had bomb wax. I’m a medical patient but I want to make sure the kids have no access to or exposure to anything just in case the cops wanna be dicks and bring in cps. If you blow smoke out of the window like that, a lot will just come right back into your room.

A gram of wax lasted me and my stepson a week on the gpen and I know him and his friends smoke their gpens right in the middle of class and the teacher and everybody else have no clue and they can get high anywhere without creating any smell and the vapor u exhale disappears in seconds so if the blow your hit down at the floor no one will even see it in a matter of seconds. I keep all my stash locked up in a lockbox on the top shelf of the closet where the kids can’t reach it and I even designed a closet grow with a lock on the door and stay within the legal amount I can grow just to make sure my ass is covered from every angle.
Even if u r a medical patient they can charge u with child endangerment and cps can take your kids from you if the kids have accessto your medicine.
So, seeing some smoke isn’t going to look too out of the ordinary if someone were to walk in.
Definitely gpens are one of the greatest inventions in this industry ever along with the grinders. I live in ca and u can have 6 mature plants or 12 vegging and there’s another cultivation paper for 100 that legally allows u to grow up to 99 plants! More than enough for my needs so I have a dispensary I frequent that accepts local growers and will legally sell their extra meds. Its a comeup and if u do it right and have your shit in order you can fill your backyard with 8-9ft and even bigger monster plants producing sometimes up to 3 lbs per plant for the massive outdoor sativa trees that can stretch up to 20 ft tall. All you need is a private backyard or growplot that won’t attract too much attention to neighbors or people driving down the street. If the police helicopter does a flyby and sending the cops to your door you can show them the whole operation and your paperwork and they can’t touch not 1 plant. My advice for everyone and I stress it with teaching my stepson is to blend in if u are doind anything. I have a nice haircut look like a normal family man drive a minivan and make sure I can deal with law enforcement at anytime safely and I just blend in and don’t draw attention to myself. The minivan is a great disguise think about it what cop is gonna be looking for criminal activity in a minivan ? In my younger days I was a big drug dealer and I would pay a friend to drive me in his grandmas minivan to go connect for that very reason cause I felt safer. Cars that stick out get noticed and if u need to be safe blending into society driving safely and looking like any other law abiding citizen is the way to go.
U don’t have to let them into your house unless they have a search warrant and legally if they or anyone else shows up at the door ur not under any requirement to even answer the door.
If they had a search warrant and a reason to be there they wouldn’t be knocking, trust me.
I learned that the cops do dirty shit during raids and will do anything to make the bust legal or not and they can get away with violating your civil rights unless u research and learn exactly what your rights are.
I’ve had corrupt cops bust me in my younger days and nobodies there to police the police.
Cops notice who has nice rims on their caror the know your bumping your subwoofers u attract aattention like that.

The obvious is the obscure and if you blend in well enough you can get away with almost anything right in front of people in broad daylight without even causing a second though.
Be smart with whatever u do and best of all stay legal and don’t have a reason for them to show up in the first place.
I used to drive around at 13 in my moms car selling weed and I had cops right behind me and I just acted like I was supposed to be driving used all my turn signals and obeyed all traffic laws and they didn’t pay me any attention. Hes an ex narcotics officer that retired and is now pro pot and he teaches how to deal with police and teaches you how to pretty much avoid a bunch of scare tactics and bs that law enforcement does in fact use to make the bust and try to gather info out of you and u can avoid illegal search and seizure but u have to know exactly how to say caertain phrases and when to say them and u can use the law to your advantage and barry cooper tells all the tricks and teaches u how to get away with shit and avoid the games altogether. I think everyone regardless of what they are into law abiding or not should watch his videos and know how to handle police.
So I know my rights know how to handle law enforcement keep it out of reach of children and out of vision for neighbors and public and most importantly stay legal at all times cuz now I’m untouchable and can legally grow and sell massive amounts of medicinal marijuana and its perfectly legal but u must know the law and your rights. Stay legal know your rights and blend in as much as possible and keep yourself safe for along time. I’ve learned the hard way without knowing my rights so I make sure to educate everyone I know to keep them safe too.
I believe in marijuana and have been using it since 12 yrs old regularly and my mom decided shed rather have me do it in the safety of my own home so I wasn’t out getting busted on the street.
In fact all my friends parents were like that and schooled us a lot of how to avoid attracting attention to yourself and how to do things the smart way. I know he’s not getting weed laced with anything and we can legally walk into the dispensary and he can buy anything there legally safely etc. Not to mention I don’t have to worry about him getting involved with shady street dealers and being placed in dangerous situations like was the case when I was a kid.
It should be legalized for recreational use and recognized as a medicine rather than as a drug already.
When I smoke I don’t go out breaking the law and all these other stereotypes people have of potheads. I pay my bills am a great father and husband and contribute to society and mind my own business. I’ve learned so many lessons throughout my journies and experiences in this game that I learned how to do things the right way so I have the freedom to continue. I learned from my mistakes and from others mistakes and learned how to stay off the radar and I share my knowledge with all my friends and family so they are better prepared too.

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