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Many individuals suffer from a common problem of white spots on their skin that may join to form white patches known as vitiligo or leucoderma.
Drinking ginger juice on a regular basis helps to increase the circulation of blood to the skin. Figs are natural healers of white patches of the skin as these help in blood purification and improving blood circulation. Apple cider vinegar is rich in acidic properties that help to destroy the bacteria and fungi responsible for causing white spots on the skin. Applying a mixture of mustard oil and turmeric over the white spots of the skin helps in boosting the immune system and getting rid of the white patches.
Holy basil is found to be extremely useful in treating the appearance of white spots of the skin. Honey is enriched with antifungal and cleansing properties that aid to improve the appearance of white spots and patches.
Copper is enriched with properties that boost fertility, a good sign for healthy immune system. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too!
Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. Vitiligo is a form of skin disease that occurs with loss of pigmentation in several areas of the skin. Consume plenty of raw figs on daily basis for a period of 1 to 2months, to get rid of white patches and spots of the skin.

Prepare a mixture of apple cider vinegar with water and use it for washing the skin two times in a day. Mix 5 teaspoons of turmeric in 250 ml of mustard oil and make a paste that needs to be applied over the discolored skin surfaces. Use a copper flask or vessel and fill it with drinking water and kept it aside for overnight. Many skin patches and spots appear all over the body, majorily those areas that are more exposed to sun like feet, arms, hands, legs, face, lips, mouth, skin around eyes and nostrils.
Secondly, one can make use of cabbage leaves directly by piercing that with help of a fork. Then consume this preparation two times daily and very soon the positive changes in the skin will be observed. This ensures the skin area is free from germs or microbes and following it regularly for a month will bring changes in the color of skin, overcoming the white spots. Alternatively, one can boil a few leaves in water and add turmeric for incorporating remarkable antifungal and antiseptic effects of it too. Other possible reasons could be excessive stress, vitamin B12 deficiency, hyperactivity of thyroid glands or autoimmune disease. The white spots appearance over the skin, especially face is very worrying and disturbing. Even rubbing a ginger paste or a piece of ginger on white spots for several minutes will help to reduce the white spots.
This paste is then applied over the white patches and left for several minutes, before cleaning it off. Secondly, add one tablespoon each of sandalwood powder, rice powder and turmeric powder to 2 tablespoons of honey, to make a thick paste.

Regular usage of water stored in copper utensils will normalize the melanin levels of the body, thereby curing the skin pigmentation problem and overcoming all white spots of the skin.
But, this is not end of the world as there are treatments as well as effective home remedies to manage white spots on the skin. While using radish leaves follow the same procedure of making the paste using white vinegar and then let it remain aside for overnight at room temperature.
This is a very useful solution for removing white spots from the face by simply washing the face frequently with it.
The antiseptic property of neem helps to overcome the patches, in case these are caused due to an infection.
Apply this paste over the affected area and wash within ten minutes to prevent formation of white spots.
Cabbage extracts in any of these forms are known to improve vitiligo skin patches and have been considered as one of the most beneficial home remedies. Make a mixture of ginger juice and red clay using equal amounts of both and then apply it over the area with white spots or patches.
Never refrigerate the water as that may destroy its beneficial properties. In addition to above useful natural home remedies, also ensure to wash the skin surface having white spots or patches with water for more number of times as it prevents fungal infection that mostly occur in moist and unclean surfaces. Consistently making use of these remedies on daily basis will show remarkable improvement in one month’s time.

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