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Brown spots on stomach: causes, treatment for dark spots, Brown spots on stomach can be smooth or elevated. Q: My son has got white blotches on his face which seem to enlarge and become more visible. A: It may be vitiligo, a condition when certain skin areas, most frequently on face and hands, lose skin pigment.
Related PostsWhite Spots On Face: Everything You Need To Know About… Why Do You Get White Spots On Skin After Tanning? One of the more noticeable and unwanted signs of aging can be the patchwork of brown spots that appear on hands, arms, chest, and face caused by years of sun damage. Just taking a look at your hands can tell a lot about you, your health, and your lifestyle – even our age. However, if you’ve got a single white patch on skin that tends to enlarge or in case you begin to acquire additional white spots anywhere on your body, consult a dermatologist.
It’s when white colorless spots begin to appear on your face, then they are enlarging and joining with each other.

Vitiligo is not medically dangerous, although it’s quite upsetting for those, who it affects from the aesthetic point of view. Depending on the extent of your sun damage, you may also have noticed that dotted sporadically between those brown spots and freckles are small, flat, white circular spots. Our hands are one of our most widely used body parts, meaning that they take the brunt of the work. Do this routine at night as lemon juice can make your skin photo sensitive to sunlight, so make sure to protect your skin with sunscreen when spending time outdoor. They let skin enjoy the sun and acquire beautiful skin tone, darker than your natural skin tone. Melanin is a pigment, produced by skin that blocks ultraviolet rays when skin is exposed to sun. In rare cases white spots disappear by themselves, but more often the disease is progressing.
These white spots have a rather long, unpronounceable name: idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis.

When exposed to the elements and physical labor, they can become dry, cracked, peeled, rough, and just plain worn.
But if your hands are starting to age you, try this homemade skin brightening beauty mask for your hands or face to give them the pampering that they need.. But don’t let the name scare you—even though color-wise these white spots seem to be the total opposite of the brown spots, it’s likely that, just like brown spots, they are caused by sun damage. When their work is impaired, normal production of melanin isn’t possible, so you are getting uneven tan with some areas lighter than others.

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