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This issue can be caused by friction from heavy clothing and boots, or medical conditions such as bruising, venous stasis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, sprains, and poor circulation.While this condition is not necessarily dangerous, it can lead to self-consciousness. Whether your dark ankle is caused by clothing, footwear, or medical conditions, there are natural remedies that can help get rid of the dry, thick, discolored skin.Food-Based Remedies There are many food-based remedies for dark ankle. Parents strive to help you make your room reflect your interests, your passion, your identity.

You may have had sports trophies sitting proudly on shelves, or themed bedsheets and wallpaper.
Whatever the case may be, your room reflects who you are and what you want to be to the world. Add one tablespoon of honey or milk, mix well, and apply to ankles for at least one hour, or overnight for 10 days.

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