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A report from Computer World confirms that Microsoft will be getting rid of the 30 day activation period in Windows 8. It's strange really - Microsoft claims that Windows 8 is their most consumer friendly operating system yet. The change comes from how Windows 8 handles activation in which the key must be provided at the start of installation. During the initial installation, it will first ask for the usual 25 alphanumeric code that came with the software.
It would appear that they no longer separate the operating systems when buying a retail version of Windows 8. Windows 8 will activated at the factory and be ready for use when it arrives on your doorstep.
Just like its predecessor, it will ship with a Key Management Service that's activated by the host machine.

The wonderful thing is that I could still use Windows while I was waiting to get my key thanks to the 30 day trial period that every Windows installation has. I would assume that new PCs would still come with activation keys in case you decide to reinstall Windows 8. Microsoft could also decide that you should have to buy a new license if you reinstall Windows 8.
The removal of the 30 day activation period is just the latest in a string of actions that sees consumers getting the shaft including desktop users being forced to use the Windows 8 "Metro" UI or Microsoft blocking users from filing class action lawsuits. DREAMWEAVER CS3 ACTIVATION CODE is a smooth-running free program that helps your Mac run as efficiently as possible.
It makes sense, but it still feels like a slap in the face for those of us who relied on that free 30 day period more than once. While the lack of choice in the files that are deleted is somewhat of a drawback, there are ways around it.

With DREAMWEAVER CS3 ACTIVATION CODE for Mac, you can search for videos and audio content online and download it without the need to open a Web browser.
Easy and intuitive: DREAMWEAVER CS3 ACTIVATION CODE for Mac lets you download HD and HQ YouTube videos with just a few clicks through its clean, accessible main window. You can also download YouTube videos via Safari by just clicking on the integrated button on the browser. Instant conversion: You can quickly convert FLV or MP4 Web videos into the native Mac OS format.

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