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Download malware removal & repair tools windows, Which windows 10 privacy tool is right for me? Latest topics zdnet, Latest trending topics covered zdnet including reviews, tech industry, security, hardware, apple, windows. We all know that Microsoft has added Office 2010 Ribbon UI in Windows Explorer of Windows 8. But the major problem with Ribbon UI is that it takes a big amount of screen space and small screen users such as netbook or tablet users might face a big problem with it.
Recently while working on Windows 8, I found an interesting thing which forced me to believe that the old Windows Vista and 7 style Explorer is still there in Windows 8 and the new ribbon UI is actually hiding it. Now press "F11" key to go full screen and the good old Windows Vista and 7 style command bar will appear and you'll no longer see new ribbon UI.
So the bottom line is that if you don't want to use ribbon in Windows Explorer and want to get more vertical space, simply press "F11" key and you'll get the old command bar back and you'll not have to use new ribbon UI.
Enjoy the old command bar and remove ribbon UI from Windows 8 Explorer using a simple keyboard shortcut "F11".
Hey VG, has anyone figured out how to disable the new start function (app menu) completely and restore the old start button and menu?
Hello Vishal, even though my question is out of this article, but can you tell me how to enable windows defender in windows 8 consumer review. Windows 8 CP comes with Microsoft Security Essentials which already includes Windows Defender thats why the standalone Windows Defender app shows that error message.
LOL found the option to turn it back on from action center, last place i would have ever considered to look.

Thank you so much, I simply could not stand the new look and I was also not looking forward to figuring it all out again. The writer correctly includes the word Windows when mentioning XP, and 7, but omits the word Mac when mentioning OS X.
Then there is the mention of more functionality than the Mac OS X dock, followed by a stating features that are not new functionality (icons for running apps, vanishing upon quit, user-pinned apps for ease of launch). In the image, if you look at the taskbar, you can see a bar with the Bluetooth icon on it and some media control buttons. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged windows-7 laptop dell bluetooth taskbar or ask your own question. I'm using Windows 7 and I have multiple browsers installed (Firefox, Firefox Light, Internet Explorer and Chrome). Could it be introduced by the Windows 10 updater to push me to migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10 ? Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged windows-7 firefox browser internet-explorer css or ask your own question.
How to get rid of this IE message “Internet Explorer can not display the webpage”? Why does Uncle Bob suggest that coding standards shouldn't be written down if you can avoid it?
Ribbon UI is definitely better than the old Windows XP toolbar or Windows Vista and 7's command bar as it provides instant access to many options which were not accessible using toolbar or command bar such as showing hidden files, changing folder view directly, showing file extensions, etc. Now the Registry trick no longer works and there is no known way to remove ribbon from Windows 8 Explorer.

There are many system folders in Windows 8 which still have old command bar instead of new ribbon UI. Just don't give the answer that i actually know cuz i tried everything and it gives a message box saying "windows defender is turned of" and there is no option to turn it back on not even from services (I tried to start the service but it turns off in a second).
On one side MS tries to fit onto the smallest screen-size with tiles instead of desktop, on the other side precious space is given away with - in my opinion - unnecessary ribbon-buttons. For example, whenever I install a new version of Safari for Windows, the pinned icon belonging to the previous version becomes ghosted.
Many users note that re-installing or completely uninstalling the app in question yields no results.
In my example, I located and deleted the Safari shortcut and its ghost icon immediately disappeared from the taskbar.
I added this by mistake when I connected by phone to transfer a file and Dell popped up a dialog. Bluetooth settings shows the normal Windows Bluetooth settings dialog which does not have an option for this. A revamped taskbar with Dock-like icons is one of the prominent user interface enhancements in Windows 7.

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