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If it is the Photos app that is the default viewer on windows 10 which you are refering to and you prefered the Windows Photo Viewer app of previous windows operating systems then you could do this. You CAN pin it to the desktop if you don't want to launch from the Menu -- it's a bit involved to do it but it's do-able, I'll Post later. Ms Paint still works (Just type Paint anywhere in the menu area) or you could install Irfanview (free). That's fine but those files photoviewer.xxxjust don't exist any more on the system (at least if you have done a clean RTM install they don't).

I have a clean RTM install and his suggestion worked, although the photo viewer is a little buggy (aesthetically).
Is Windows Photo Viewer gone?I noticed a few builds ago (maybe 10162) that you could no longer set Windows Photo Viewer as the default picture opener. Zoom settings behave weirdly on Windows 10 default photo viewer.The photo viewing program in Windows 10 automatically slightly resizes the photo it's displaying according to the window size.
Photo Viewer with Pan and ZoomIs anyone familiar with photo viewer software that has pan and zoom feature?

I click on the button to go to settings, enter my product key, then it tells me 'this key did not work. I have uninstall and reinstall IDM but the message persists.How to get rid of this message.

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