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How to get underarm stains out of colored clothes,how to get rid of dark spots on crotch pants,how to treat staph infection at home - Easy Way

I don’t care who you are, if you own a white shirt, chances are that the underarm portion of the shirt has begun or will begin to yellow.
I thought so too, but have gotten rid of the aluminum deodorants long time ago, my shirts still get yellow stains.
The yellow staining CAN be from the aluminum but more often than not it is the build up and oxidizing of oils and salts in our sweat. Some folks don’t have the build up issues when they use natural products while others of us do.
Do you have to do the baby powder trick after every washing to keep the stains from forming?
It’s the same concept with collars, although keep in mind different fabrics may require multiple applications.
I recently heard that baby powder is actually bad for you, esp if applying it on a baby’s bum! But my man does has those nasty yellow pit staines in all his white shirts, so I’m happy there really is a solution now!

I bought a 100% silk baby shirt and was going to whiten applied a small amt of bleach it turned brown I have it lightened to yellow. Maybe you were giving a big presentation at work or interviewing for a new job, and you were so nervous you ended up sweating right through your shirt. Take your new-looking, clean, white shirt and sprinkle a little baby powder into the underarms. I did try it on an older shirt that had been through the dryer several times and…nada. For little girls it’s the worst, as it can go inside the body and creates a lot of problems later on in life.
I saw this on that show What not to wear, a long time ago… But all you do is rub the shirt together where the deodorant is.
I’ve always found those yellow underarm stains nearly impossible to get rid of, but it turns out that aspirin can do the trick!
You’ll smell baby soft and the baby powder will prevent any sweat or oil from soaking into the fabric.

I do, however, have a grey shirt that I was going to retire anyway, so let me do some experimenting. I guess I would say it’s worth a shot, but the older the stain, the less effect the Aspirin has.
Allow the stained area to soak in the treatment for about two hours and then launder the item as you normally would.
The ingredients in the aspirin will help to lift the yellow out of the stain—and no one will ever have to know! It can also rid the green color in your hair caused by chlorine…not to mention it can prevent heart attacks.

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