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I'm excited to be able to tell you about some new natural products for mommies from one of my favorite companies, Anna Naturals.
Healing witch hazel blended with therapeutic grade essential oils, Soothing Mama Postpartum Spray can help soothe and cool after delivery. Blended with therapeutic grade essential oils, All Smiles Postpartum Spray can help elevate your mood and calm your mind.
Nursing Mama Natural Nipple Cream is specially formulated to soothe and heal dry, cracked nipples and is completely safe for baby — no need to wash off before nursing! My sister in law is pregnant with twins so Id love to give her this set to pamper herslef a little! This awesome set would be for my daughter, who just gave birth to my granddaughter on April 15th. One of the most common ear infections in toddlers, also known as acute otitis media, is a middle ear infection.
Besides ear pain and a runny nose, there are many other symptoms which can help the mother identify it. The child loses his sleep as when he lies down, the pain caused from the infection increases, making it impossible for the child to sleep. If there is accumulation of fluids in the ear, the toddler might not be able to hear faint sounds. One of the rare symptoms is drainage of fluid from the ears which is yellow-white in color. Giving antibiotics for treating an ear infection is not a good idea as it may lead to vomiting, skin rashes and even diarrhea in children. If fluid or pus is coming out of the ear then the best home remedy to drain such fluids out is to take some salt, heat it, pour it into a small bag and then place the bag near the baby's ear for about fifteen minutes.
Giving the baby steam, thrice a day will help to clear out the mucus and will reduce the pain. Put about two-three drops of garlic juice mixed with equal amounts of olive oil, in the infected ear of the baby. As dairy products can increase the mucus build up, so eliminating milk and milk products from the baby's diet is very essential. Bad breath in toddlers happens primarily when the toddler is suffering from congestion severe enough to prevent him or her from breathing normally through the nose. This promotes anaerobic bacterial growth, lack of saliva flow and oxygen, and excessive mucus that lies in the throat. Toddlers who go to daycare are especially prone to bad breath because of day to day contact with other small children who carry respiratory viruses that cause congestion, sore throats and post nasal drip. Oral anaerobic bacteria thrive on consuming proteins found in food debris and mucus left in the mouth.

Another common reason for toddlers to experience bad breath is if a small foreign object becomes lodged inside one of the nasal passages and obstructs their ability to breathe. Repeated bouts of tonsillitis accompanied by bad breath in toddlers may indicate the presence of tonsil stones. Tonsil stones can be dislodged using a Q-tip or toothbrush but it is easier to simply prevent them from forming in the first place by practicing good oral hygiene. If tonsillitis is viral in nature, doctors generally prescribe rest and giving the child pain relievers. Besides improving brushing techniques, what should you do for correcting bad breath in toddlers? Alcohol used in many mouthwashes acts as masking agent only and will worsen bad breath because it promotes dry mouth conditions. Saccharin and other sugar substitutes are put in children's toothpaste as a taste enhancer and provides no benefits to oral health. The safest and most natural toothpastes, mouthwashes, breath gums and tonsil stone prevention products for toddlers and children are made by Dr. Read the following article for information on the symptoms, causes and treatment for ear infections in toddlers. In most cases, this infection occurs when a child is already suffering from cold or sinus or has a runny nose and sore throat.
The infant may feel pain while eating or swallowing food and thus, may refuse it altogether.
This home remedy will help to clear out the fluids from the baby's ears, thus reducing the ear pain in the process.
Since olive oil and garlic have antibiotic properties, it will help in eliminating the infection.
However, if the symptoms still persist and refuse to go away even after that, it is advised to consult a doctor for proper examination as chronic ear infections can lead to serious conditions such as meningitis and mastoiditis. Stuffy noses directly influence the severity of bad breath in toddlers because of dry mouth conditions resulting from children routinely breathing through their mouths instead of their noses. All of these elements are conducive to the proliferation of bacteria that excrete foul-smelling compounds called volatile sulfurous compounds, or VSCs.
The waste produced by these bacteria after breaking down proteins creates sulfur compounds that smell like rotten eggs or even decaying meat. When this happens, the child will simply choose to breathe through his mouth since he is not old enough to understand what occurred. Most young children dislike having their teeth brushed, which makes it difficult for mothers to remove food debris between teeth and at the gumlines.
Tonsil stones, or tonsilloliths, are tiny, white specks of calcified mouth debris that become embedded in tonsil fissures.

TheraBreath® offers tonsil stone kits and sprays that help remove, treat and prevent tonsil stones.
If you are considering using over the counter mouthwashes or toothpastes, make sure you know what ingredients you are putting into your child's body.
Katz's own OXYD-8 (chlorine dioxide) a stabilized ingredient that begins oxygenating the mouth immediately upon contact with a dry mouth. In addition, TheraBreath's Tonsil Stone Starter kit contains all the products necessary to eliminate tonsil stones painlessly and prevent them from returning. If for any reason you're not satisfied, let us know and we'll promptly refund your product cost. I wanted to check here what the symptoms of Strep throat in toddlers are before I take While most illnesses cause a toddler to become irritable, irritability combined with the above symptoms is a sign of strep throat in toddlers . Specifically, amino acids called cysteine and methionine are converted into hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan, two extremely odorous substances that can make a toddler's breath smell bad. Mothers who notice a healthy toddler breathing through his mouth may want to check his nasal passages for an obstruction.
These leftover particles stimulate bacterial growth as well as bad breath, cavities and tartar buildup on baby teeth.
Comprised of food particles, mucus and billions of anaerobic bacteria consuming proteins and excreting VSCs, tonsillolith produce exceptionally bad breath, especially if accidentally bitten and crushed open. However, tonsil stone formation remains unaffected by antibiotics and increases according to how often tonsillitis strikes the child. The majority of brand-name oral health products contain unnecessary, abrasive substances potentially harmful to the mouth as well as the body. Extensive testing with this substance has shown that SLS may promote the appearance of canker sores and abrade oral tissue.
So whenever the child has mucus build up in the nose, fluids get blocked in the Eustachian tube, resulting in ear infections. Giving the baby juices of fruits such as oranges and lemons, which are rich in vitamin C, also helps to ward off the infection.
Even though toddler teeth are temporary, regular dental checkups are extremely important to the future health of a child's permanent teeth and gums. Repeat this procedure for a few days as it will help to unblock the mucus, thereby curing the infection.
If baby teeth are lost prematurely, the unoccupied space may cause emerging teeth to shift and grow in at abnormal angles.

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