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You know the drill: you're entertaining a crowd, enjoying the time with all of your friends, when you hear your name and turn around, knocking someone's wine glass in the process. Read tips for how to remove blood stains from clothing, carpet, upholstery, and other areas of your home.
Once you make sure you or your loved one is OK, and get everyone patched up it is time to tackle those blood stains.
Have you had luck getting blood stains out of a particular surface, such as clothing, carpet, or other areas of your home? If so, please share your blood stain removal tips with me, specifying how old the blood stain was, and what surface you removed the stain from. When someone gets a cut or scrape, and blood gets on something in your home, like your clothes, carpet, floor, wall, upholstery or other things, how do you successfully remove those blood stains?Feel free to explain your blood stain removal method, and any laundry supplies or stain removers that work for you.In addition, please tell us what hasn't worked for you, so we can all avoid pitfalls in the stain removal process.

Click the links below to see tips already submitted about how to remove blood stains.Feel free to comment on any of these submissions, to tell us whether you had a similar experience or not.
Hi, I'm Taylor, a busy mom with 3 kids, so I have lots of hands on experience with house cleaning, laundry and my fair share of spots, spills and other messy catastrophes.
I update the website all the time with tips, tutorials, cleaning recipes, reviews of products from readers like you, and tests I've done on various cleaners, removers and laundry supplies. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
Helplessly, you watch in slow motion as a huge splash of red wine lands on your coffee table, carpet and couch. This is your chance to share your success stories for removing these stains, or if you need help of your own, get some ideas for how to clean up your stain.

When you subscribe to my free weekly newsletter you will receive a free printable laundry stain removal chart that you can reference as needed. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). We found the secrets to removing red wine stains from everything from your walls to your stone countertops. Now, you can treat the cotton with a regular spot cleaner and put it in the washing machine.

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