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HolaSearch malware often bundles with third-party software, including browser helper objects, add-ons, extensions, toolbars, freeware, shareware, and even simple files like compromised torrents. HolaSearch is considered dangerous because Hola products (iHola, Hola Toolbar, etc) allow unethical third-parties to use their products, in which the company claims no responsibility for.
Hola Toolbar also called Hola Hola Toolbar, Hola Hola Toolbar, Hola Conduit community Toolbar, or hola_hola Toolbar (hola_hola.exe) is an unethical browser attachment for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer, categorized as a browser hijacker. Hola Toolbar allegedly provides a desktop applications platform that allows publishers to develop, maintain and publish their own applications or software (“Third Party Software”). 1.3 Hola Toolbar does not have any obligation to test Third Party Software and is not responsible for the appropriateness, completeness, stability or legality of any Third Party Software and you hereby waive any legal or equitable rights you have or may have against Hola Toolbar with respect thereto.
1.4 As part of the installation process of the Software, publisher may offer changes to your Internet Browser settings. Hola Toolbar and HolaSearch products not easily accessible online for download and if located, may entrap victims to unethical terms.
The hola virus may engage in social engineering and unethical tactics in order to target and persuade unsuspecting internet users to download theirs and their sponsor’s products, including free desktop programs.
CCleaner can be used to automatically repair internet browser settings, start-up settings, or uninstall pesky software.
Use the instructions below to manually uninstall Hola Toolbar and remove the HolaSearch redirect virus using generic procedures. In Google Chrome click the customize icon (wrench or 3 bars) and navigate to Settings.Click “Set pages” under the On startup option. I was irritated that this holasearch toolbar got installed on my computer and all the other websites I looked through for directions to remove it were not helpful or looked fishy and made me uncomfortable because I would have to download something. Whenever you plug in your pen drive or any other flash drives, then suddenly when you see the drive then BANG.
Technically speaking shortcut virus is a “Trojan virus” which is a type of “autorun.inf” and it uses the auto run of a computer. It spreads from an infected PC or any other flash drives like the pen drives, external hard disks, SD card…etc. If you connect your flash drives to any infected PC then your flash drives also gets affected by it.
It may also come from files that are downloaded from non-sure friendly websites, torrents, and files sharing websites. Now you have got the basic idea how shortcut virus spreads and various ways of getting affected. The above method helps you to remove shortcut virus from your pc and there will be no more shortcut files found on your pc.If the above method doesn’t work for there is another method to remove it.
If you are using windows 8 then simply right click on start button and select the option “command prompt(admin)”. Now go back to your pen drive and see all your important files.You will see an empty folder there you can see all your files. When we connect a flash drive to a infected computer and transfer any file it automatically infect Pendrive and all files shown as Shortcut. If your USB drive doesn’t have important files you can try to Format it, but if it contains important files then you are not going to format it, to Remove Shortcut Virus follow the Steps Below. It will take few seconds to recover all your files, Now open your Flash Drive you will get Back all of your files. Once you recover files into USB drive you can use them but if you again plug in USB Flash drive into the infected computer your flash drive will infect again, so it is better to remove the source of this virus i,e infected the computer, follow the steps below to remove shortcut virus from the computer. This will remove Shortcut Virus from your Computer or Laptop if you face any problem feel free to comment below.
Make sure you have complete protection installed into your computer like Kaspersky Total Security if not please download and install Kaspersky Total Security or any other antivirus which provide protection from every kind of threat. Press win+R key, it will open run window type %temp% and hit OK and you will get Temp folder.

Re-Insert flash disk, kill the process wscript from task manager, make sure files are not hidden. My drives have been infected with shortcut virus, when i open a folder, there is a shortcut of the same folder present inside it, tried removing it and when i restart it comes back.
The Shortcut Virus or bug may look to many as a small problem and usually they do not take any action to remove it, while others take it seriously and look on the internet to find a shortcut virus removal tool or a way to Remove the shortcut virus from there device. Before i begin the tutorial on how to remove the shortcut virus, let me first explain what the shortcut virus is capable of doing. The Shortcut Virus usually spread through USB peripheral devices including pendrives, Memory cards, Mobile phones, Digital Cameras or Hard disks. Once your device is infected by the shortcut virus it then connects to its C&C server, to obtain the commands and send the stolen information. Once infected by the Shortcut Virus, the Attacker can take advantage of the situation and is capable of stealing victim's data install other malwares or update the codes of the present shortcut virus. I will explain four methods step by step which can help you remove shortcut virus from your computer. Step2: Download Autorun Exterminator from the link provided here extract the folder and run the file which is named as "Autorun Exterminator" this will automatically remove the shortcut virus from your device.
Copy one of the command from above  and paste it into command prompt window and press Enter. Now before running usbfix insert the peripheral device which you want to scan or remove shortcut virus from. A popup message will appear asking to Connect all your external data sources to your PC (Usb keys, external drives, etc…), connect the device which you want to scan or remove the shortcut virus from and then click ok.
The Software will scan for all infected elements and will remove the shortcut virus from your device. Third Party Software is a software application including any content, links or materials that are made available to you by the publisher via the Software. These changes if approved by you can be reconfigured by you at any time from the options dialog available on your Internet Browser. Hola Search Toolbar has been reported to open new windows that may originate from or direct to third-party malware and domain names, including adware, spyware, and websites used to spread dangerous forms of cryptoviruses and cryptoworms called ransomware, such as the common FBI virus or Ukash viruses. Furthermore, third-party items may use the same or more-severe techniques with the intent of generating a revenue stream at any means necessary.
In the long-term the information collected may be sold to unethical parties and telemarketing companies. On the first tab labeled “Scanner” select the Perform full scan option and click the Scan button to perform a full system scan. Once the malware scan is complete, Malwarebytes will prompt a notice stating malicious objects were detected. Select the malicious objects and click the Remove Selected button to completely remove the malicious files from your computer (the image below shows a file that is NOT selected). To automatically uninstall Hola Hola Toolbar and Conduit software such as Protected Search by Conduit, navigate to the Uninstall tab and search for Hola Hola Toolbar (etc.) in the list of installed programs and double click the program to uninstall Hola Hola Toolbar.
Also look out for third-party software and browser attachments that may also need to be removed to stop your browser from being affected by the HolaSearch virus and Hola Toolbar browser hijacker.
Locate the Hola Hola Toolbar extension and remove it by clicking the trashcan icon next to them. On the Toolbars and Extensions tab search for the Hola Hola Toolbar add-on and remove it if located.
Get rid of malware with the best Antivirus and Anti-Malware downloads, block referrer spam, and more. The reason for its name Trojan virus is that it gets affected under the nose of the antivirus, Then takes place itself in the whole computer processes which can be stopped and it attaches to each and every file be it on the pc or flash drives. Now I will tell you how to remove shortcut virus from your pc, pen-drives or external hard disks or SD card PERMANENTLY. If you’re having any problem regarding this article, do let us know through the comment section below.

He's passionate and dedicated towards technology & Blogging and looking forward to make his career in tech field. This virus can affect any external storage like Flash Drives, External Hard disk, Phone Memory, Memory card or any Memory Stick, this is an anonymous malware which initially released online and spreading from one computer to another and we got Shortcut of files which are in USB drive if you try to open any file you will get error message. First open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + del Or Right Click on the taskbar and click on Task manager.
Go  to Process tab and look for process Wscript.exe, Scroll down and find any such process, Now Right Click on it and Click on End Task. Such Third Party Software may be specifically customized by a publisher and may include the publisher’s branding or other content owned or licensed to the publisher. It has often been reported that information collected and sold by Toolbars such as the Hola Toolbar may be used in telephone phishing attempts where the caller utilizes a large amount of collected personal information with the intent to cause harm or at minimal be comical and non-beneficial. If you are using the free version of Malwarebytes you will be prompted to update the database, make sure to do so.
Malwarebytes will automatically detect HolaSearch, related Toolbars, and additional third-party malware infecting the computer system. I used the CCleaner and then manually went into Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome to eliminate hola as a search engine. But when you check the properties of the drive you see that the space is being is being occupied by the files. To uninstall Hola Hola Toolbar, double click the program or highlight the unethical Toolbar in the list of programs and click the Uninstall button. However, antivirus programs also failed when it comes to some modern malwares like Shortcut Virus. My files don’t get hidden but a shortcut folder of the same name gets created inside it. But you notice that they are not your files but shortcuts with your files having original names.
This modern virus automatically comes in your USB devices, Computer and SD cards and start creating shortcuts.exe files and folders by replacing your own files and folders. On seeing the file names most of the users think that their files are safe and in no time they click on the shortcut files to see their files.
Then your system gets affected with this shortcut virus and duplication of files takes place in each and every folder on your pc. It can be categorized into two types:1) Flash Drive Short Virus2) File and Folder Shortcut VirusThe bad thing about this virus is that it is not removable even by well-known antivirus programs. Such software are fully integrated with ready made features which requires no coding or other technical knowledge. This task becomes little hard because computer hard drive is a large storage that you cannot revert changes like a CTR+Z.Do you know or don’t know, shortcut virus is running in the task manager process. If you face any problem when removing shortcut virus, then you can tell us by commenting below.
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