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There's nothing worse than staining your favorite top, or breaking the zipper on the jeans that make your butt look awesome. Leather stains vanish instantly with a solution of water and vinegar and some gentle scrubbing.
Bring a shrunken shirt back to life by soaking the item in a mixture of water and kids’ shampoo for ten minutes before stretching it back into shape.
Revitalize your sole by mixing baking powder and cleaning solution and scrubbing rubber soles with a toothbrush.

You can break in new shoes without the blisters by placing polybags of water into your heels and popping them in the freezer to expand.
Attach a keyring to your pant’s zipper and hook it over the button to prevent falling-zipper mishaps. Halt the denim fade by adding half a glass of vinegar to the machine when washing dark jeans. Next time you need to quickly iron a collar or small area of clothing, just use your flat iron (hair straightener).

If the cord has escaped your favorite hoodie, simply use a straw to poke it back through the narrow holes.

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