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If you are despairing over the potential loss of your favorite silk blouse because of embarrassing underarm stains, gather together a few household items to remove the stains. Step 2For wet and dry stains on unwashable silks, or stubborn dried stains on washable silks, dissolve 1 tbsp. 4 ways remove yellow armpit stains - wikihow, Soaking time really depends on how light or dark the stain.
How remove sweat stains popsugar smart living, How to remove sweat stains from white shirts. Get rid mattress stains - getridofthings., Stains urine, blood, sweat, rid mattress stains.
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The items are likely already in your medicine and kitchen cabinets; no need to waste time running an errand. For washable silks, if the sweat stain is new and hasn't set, hold the stained area over an open bottle of ammonia so the fumes can dry the stain and restore the color.
For all types of silks, if the sweat stain is still present after drying, sponge the stain with a mixture of 1 tbsp. Stains from wine and beer on cotton tablecloths can be deduced if rub them with lemon and hold for some time in the sun. Wine stains disappear after rinsing thoroughly with warm milk, then first with cold and then hot water. Fresh stains from grass (green) can be removed with vodka, and best of all denatured alcohol.

Grass stains on white fabrics are removed with 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide with a small addition of liquid ammonia. The spots of perfume and cologne on silk and woolen clothes moisten with wine alcohol or pure glycerin, then rub the cotton wool soaked with ether or acetone. The spot of hair dye can be removed with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and liquid ammonia.
Sweat stains disappear after washing with a little warm liquid ammonia (1 teaspoon per 1 liter of water).

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