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Have you ever gone through the unpleasant experience of wearing your favorite shirt, and accidentally dropping bleach on it?
You had baby oil in your Leather purse and suddenly it over spill over your entire new leather purse. Toilet is an area that gets messy very quickly but at the same time it needs to be kept neat and clean for hygiene purposes.
October 29, 2015 by Kara 2 Comments Pin385 Share15 +1 Tweet Share Stumble Yum EmailShares 400I’ll be honest. I have mattress covers on all of our beds, but I just discovered this week, that some water-proof mattress pads work better than others.
This cleaner cannot be stored in a spray bottle because it will erode the plastic, so once you are done cleaning, safely dispose of it. I find a good blog with many helpful tips by you, and this cleaning mattress tip is one of them.
If you've ever had a young child in your home you know that potty accidents are a guarantee.
To prevent further stains find a mattress protector that is actually water proof… or cut open a garbage bag and place a towel and underneath a regular mattress pad cover. His poor mattress is riddled with stains because he doesn’t always tell me that the sheets were wet, and by the evening, they are dry. So I decided to create my own method based on items in my pantry, and it’s been working great! Hi, I used the vinegar and baking soda trick for a wet mattress that had dried in and smelled awful – thank you so much, it worked a treat. My eldest daughter had an accident the other night and it soaked all the way through to underside of the mattress. I can’t make any promises about the lasting effects, as it depends on the type of mattress, how much you use, etc.

Of course there are big mattress covers that you can buy at target, and you can also use one of those flat crib-sized mattress protectors right at the pee pee location.
Hi, My grandaughter had an accident on Monday night and and as I had no vinegar I haven’t tried your method until today, I am now at the baking soda stage and just read I should have used distilled vinegar whereas I have used white malt vinegar. Thank you, sounds easy and effective, the amount of time, and the fan are also very helpful.
Hi hey do you leave the fan on just when the vinegar is on the mattress, or do you leave it on the whole time (2 hours)? But getting rubber sheets or a waterproof mattress protector would make things so much easier. I have a co-worker who complains about this same problem often and I can't wait to share your post with her. This is kind of a gross topic to discuss on the blog, but it’s a real life issue that we deal with on a weekly basis. This method of removing odors from your mattress is really simple and doesn’t require any fancy scented oils or kitchen utensils.
If you have some really difficult stains, rub the vinegar into them with your fingers or even use an old toothbrush to really rub it in. I'm Kristin, the creative mind behind Yellow Bliss Road where you will be inspired by tons of easy to follow recipes, lots of free printables, and a little sprinkling of life thrown in for good measure. If it soaked all the way through, I don’t know that this method will work, but it would be worth a try.
However, I have found that adding a few drops of essential oil (lemon works well) to the vinegar in the spray bottle works wonders to mask the strong smell of the vinegar. When I talked about my son’s bedwetting issues last year, I had a lot of feedback from moms dealing with the same thing so I figured maybe you could use some cleaning tips like this as well. I have spent more time cleaning his bedding then I care to count and even now at six years old, it’s still a very prominent issue.

I also like that the product I use aren’t harmful and my son can help with the clean-up.
If you’re a tad on the OCD side like you, it makes you kinda happy making those lines in the powder with the vacuum cleaner. Followed the directions…let the baking soda sit for 3 hrs, but didn’t do anything for stain or smell? The longer the better, but I’ve gone from two to five hours and both times it worked perfectly. After a couple of hours, you’ll begin to see the baking soda caking as it soaks up the vinegar (and takes that nasty odor with it!). This could be in daylight, if possible, or in an overall ventilated area away from moistness. Contingent upon the extent to which you utilized, there may or may not be a build-up to wipe away. Regardless of the possibility that there doesn’t appear to be one, you may want to take a vacuum to it just on the off chance that. You can utilize rubbing liquor to murder the microorganisms in the urine – vinegar is an alternate recommendation. Turn on the fan, open the windows, and get some daylight in the area that now used to have a stain. Forsake all trust on the off chance that you have a latex froth mattress; they act like monster wipes and are just about impossible to remove stains from as the liquid that would remove the stain simply leaks deeper into the foam. Required fields are marked *Comment Name * Email * Website Other Popular Posts How to Make French Toast (Prefect French Toast Recipe) How to Sleep When You Are Not Tired?

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