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Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. I want my two image buttons to completely fill the space of my linearlayout, the way the Checkbox does - none of that white padding around them.
Please set your ImageView backgrouund to transparent and set your color or drawable in src. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged android android-imageview imagebutton or ask your own question. Why does Uncle Bob suggest that coding standards shouldn't be written down if you can avoid it?
Heating a white towel or t-shirt with an iron proved remarkable at removing rings and white water stains, even very old ones, from furniture!
Was horrified to discover very large stain from coffee pot on dining room table after Christmas dinner. I just tried the method that uses a cotton piece of fabric (no lint!) and an iron to get out cloudy white water stains.
We used the t-shirt and medium heat iron on our fresh water ring (left from a hot cup of tea). My friend found this website and emailed it to me after I ruined my friend's table with a hot coffee cup. Also, I think the cloth doesn't necessarily have to be white, especially if the furniture is not white.
My nephew and a friend put a hot pizza on our antique cherry wood table and left 9 or 10 circular 2" marks on it.
In any case, it's much better and I wanted to let folks know and say thank you for the wonderful tips!
I had great results today with the iron method on my 60 year old cherry dining table which recently had received three water marks.
Oxalic Acid [linked by editor to product info at Rockler] but am not sure how to go about it.
Disclaimer: It is not possible to diagnose a finishing problem or the hazards of an operation via these pages.
Viem amidan la m?t can b?nh thu?ng g?p do vi sinh v?t gay b?nh ho?c virus lam bu?c ph?i, tr? nh? s? m?c ?nh hu?ng b?i h?i ch?ng nay nhi?u hon ngu?i to.
D? ng?a viem amidan, b?n c?n c?n b? hut thu?c la va u?ng ru?u cung nhu m?t s? thoi quen khong lanh m?nh khac. Trong luc b?t d?u th?y xu?t hi?n m?t s? bi?u hi?n c?a viem amidan, b?n ph?i suc h?ng t? nu?c suc mi?ng ho?c nu?c mu?i loang li?n ngay.
Trong khi da s? m?t vai gi?i phap ch?a viem amidan khong h?u hi?u, b?n c?n th?c hi?n ph?u thu?t. Va khi b?n co du?c lu?ng like tren facebook l?n t?c la s? lu?ng ngu?i bi?t d?n no, chia s? no tren tu?ng l?i cang l?n hon. Va qua trinh phan tich nay c?a Google giup thu?t toan c?a Google phan tich tinh phat tri?n thu?ng xuyen m?t website, m?t d?ch v? nao do. One way to remove white water stains from wood is to use a hot iron on a smoothly-textured, lint-free cloth placed over the stain, iron very briefly (seconds), lift the cloth, and repeat until stain is gone.
I tried all of the other tips, such as Armor-all, salt and olive oil, peanut butter and mayonnaise.
We Americans surely wouldn't know, but it apparently is approximately the diameter of the base of a tea cup if that helps?
We thought we were gonna have to have the whole thing sanded and refinished but in 2 minutes the table was like new again! My wife and I just got a beautiful antique table from her boss and I thought I had ruined it when I forgot and sat a box of hot chicken wings on it, leaving nasty white heat marks. We used my Mom's dining room table for Easter Dinner and when I removed the tablecloth discovered a hot dish had made white marks. I thought it was ruined permanently but I tried the soft flannel cloth and a medium iron (steam off!) and after 10 minutes only one nickel sized stain remains and that is where the wooden nail is on that end of the table and I'm guessing it sunk in deeper there because of the opening.
It really works, I have just literally removed the damage that I did to my teak dining table 2 days ago when trying to steam iron linen curtains that were far too big for my ironing board. I had a white cloudy water stain from a flower pot on my solid birch table, I thought my table was ruined. Rub area with cloth dipped in mixture of cigarette ashes lemon juice or salad oil, Or rub with a cloth dipped in lighter fluid followed by a mixture of Rottenstone [linked by editor to product info at Rockler] and salad oil wipe dry and wax or polish. Bought brand new sideboard, had baby, got lovely flowers, sat flowers on new sideboard, now got nasty dark brown ring mark.

I am in the process of completely redoing an old dresser that I think is cherry or mahogany.
All information presented is for general reference and does not represent a professional opinion nor the policy of an author's employer. N?u day la l?n d?u b?n ghe qua di?n dan thi b?n hay vao m?c: "Hu?ng d?n s? d?ng" d? xem hu?ng d?n. Trong n?u viem amidan kem v?i s?t cao, vi?c dung mi?n d?ch la phuong phap kh?c ph?c h?u hi?u nh?t. Tuy nhien, b?n bu?c ph?i nh? la ch? nh?ng khi tri?u ch?ng viem th?t s? nghiem tr?ng, gay ?nh hu?ng x?u d?n s?c kh?e m?i ph?i c?t amidan. Trong do tinh ph? bi?n c?a website tren m?ng xa h?i la m?t di?u c?c k? quan tr?ng trong qua trinh SEO, no th? hi?n tinh ph? bi?n c?a website v?i c?ng d?ng, va th? hi?n s? quan tam c?a c?ng d?ng t?i d?ch v? b?n dang cung c?p. I want the button to look like it has been pressed - I want the image to be the same but the background colour of the button to change. If you do not read Chapter 2 thoroughly before you read this chapter, you probably will not be able to properly diagnose your machine!!!!In 1995, GE began manufacturing a new washing machine.
Our kid left a cold drink on our dining room table overnight and now there's a nice, new water ring.
I tried for a week and finally got it out with just my iron on medium heat and a dry cloth.
Then I used the toothpaste solution on a more recent dye stain from a colored piece of paper (paper stained the wood) and it took it out.
I followed the iron (no steam and only about 6 seconds)up with another home remedy of equal parts apple cider vinegar and olive oil and rubbed in the grain and buffed out with a dry soft cloth. I took all the old finish off with a sander and had lined the drawers up on a table in my garage. The internet is largely anonymous; some names may be fictitious and some recommendations may be deliberately harmful. B?M VAO DAY D? DANG KY THANH VIEN va tham gia chia s? th?o lu?n cung m?i ngu?i trong Di?n dan.
Co th? d?n d?n viem h?ng c?p va 1 s? b?nh khac, b?i v?y khong du?c ch? quan khi m?c b?nh viem amidan. Ngoai ra, b?n cung ph?i th?c hi?n ch? d? an u?ng lanh m?nh d? h?n ch? xa vi rut va virus lam b?nh. They are commonly referred to as the "front-access" or "easy-access" machines, or simply the "new-style" GE washer, versus the "old-style" machine.
Had another small stain that had been on table for two years, guess what, warm iron and napkin removed that also.
The temperature got a bit too hot and it ended up permanently leaving some lint from the t-shirt behind. The coffee cup was not particularly hot and it could be some other type of stain but it is the same shape as the coaster. One of the kids put the cat's water dish on one of the drawers and of course it was spilled. I held the dryer about 4 inches from the stain for about 5 minutes and at the same time buffed it with a dry cloth. I then rubbed it with lemon oil and unless you knew there had been a spot there you really can't see it.
The basket is attached directly to the transmission, which itself spins during the spin cycle.
When the motor stops or reverses, a brake attached to the bottom of the transmission engages, keeping the transmission from turning during agitation.
Flexible fins on the agitator circulate water in the tub and through the self-cleaning lint filter in the basket hub. One of the features is that the drive motor does not drive the pump. The drain pump in these machines is a separate unit with its' own motor. The suspension in these machines is reported to be VERY good.
In one videotaped demo I saw, they put eight pounds of phone books in the machine during the spin cycle and the thing barely vibrated.
In fact, if the washer is dancing around during the spin cycle, whoever installed the machine probably forgot to remove the suspension rod, inserted to keep the tub from moving during shipping. The washer will not agitate, drain or spin with the lid open. 2) There is a pre-pump function built into the water level switch.
The water level must be quite low before the water level switch will allow the basket to start spinning. Most of the parts on these machines are designed to be thrown away. The triangle bracket that holds it on is a separate item and is very difficult to get off the hose.

Replace the pump. Another common complaint is that water mysteriously leaks during the agitate cycle. What is happening is that the lower transmission ball bearings are worn so the brake is not engaging fully. The basket then spins during the agitate cycle and and slings water over the edge of the tub. If it turns easily by hand but won't drain the tub, replace the whole pump and motor assembly.
Besides the fact that bleach is very hard on plastic and rubber parts, such as the hose itself, the hose chafes on one of the suspension rods until a hole develops. The problem here is that the clutch pulley is pressed together and the top half of it comes off. Obviously the machine does not agitate or spin. Another problem experienced, though it doesn't appear to be a widespread problem yet, is that there have been some transmission failures. The symptom is that you attempt to remove the agitator, and the whole agitator shaft comes out with it. Replace the whole transmission and brake assembly as described in section 6-5.6-3 CONSOLETo access the timer, temperature or water level switches, fill valve, or to remove the cabinet top, you must remove the console. You can then pull the terminal blocks off the timer and any other switches in the console and set it aside.The fill valve is accessible on the left. They have a little tab in the middle that you can grab with a pair of needlenose pliers to remove and clean or replace them. Unlike switchblocks of the past, the selector switches and water level switch are not held in place by screws.
To remove it, pull it until the timer clicks into the "run" position, then reach behind it with a flat screwdriver and poke the clip off.
The front panel of these machines is held in place by two spring catches at the top, and rests on two tabs at the bottom. If so, physically turn the transmission until there is clearance. The whole clutch comes off in one piece as shown in figure FA-6 and is replaced as a unit. They contain springs, but they also seal and compress air, much like an air shock on a car.
Remove the 5 screws holding on the backsplash and lift it off; the fill valve will come with it. Remove the screws from the dampening straps (four rubber straps at the top of the tub.) If you are going to be removing the transmission, remove the agitator and basket. Note that besides holding the agitator, the air bell contains air to keep water away from the transmission oil seal. So the O-ring on the bolt that holds the air bell in place is an important air seal and must be in good shape.
There is a special slugging spanner wrench to remove these nuts; unfortunately, they're not cheap. It's a little easier. Down below in the tub area, disconnect the pressure switch tube from left side of the tub, and bleach hose if installed. Then lift the tub and tilt it either forward or backwards to remove it from the cabinet. Pop off the eight clips holding on the tub crown.
Note that three sides of the crown have forks that fit over knobs on the side of the tub, so it can only go on one way.) Remove the basket and the split ring and washer underneath it from the top of the transmission casing. Note that the ribs on the pulley stick upwards. The lower bearing assembly is now accessible.
A rebuild kit is available for (at the time of this writing) about $75, with the special tools necessary available for about $50 more.
See section 6-6 to rebuild.To remove the transmission, cut the cable tie holding the overflow pipe to the motor platform. Remove the four bolts holding the motor platform to the transmission, and the four bolts holding the platform to the tub. Using the handles of a pair of pliers, pop it out from the inside of the tub and press a new one in by hand.6-6 REBUILDING THE LOWER BEARING (Figure FA-8)There is a bearing kit to replace the lower bearing.
Several different pulley hubs are included in the bearing kit; each is a different thickness.
There are metal guages and instructions also included in the bearing kit. There's also a set of special tools to change it out. If it turns easily by hand but won't drain the tub, replace the whole pump and motor assembly.

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