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A newborn baby needs to be changed every 1-2 hours; therefore you will need plenty of diapers in your rotation. Take 2-3 organic wipes and pass them under running warm water or dip them in a bowl of water kept at your changing station. Remove the diaper and wipe the baby clean (or, if you prefer, take the baby to the sink and gently clean the baby under running water).
You can soak your diapers in a wet pail and rinse them off lightly before washing or you can simply throw them in your dry pail or the washing machine.
DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER because this will clog the pores of the fleece and insert fabric. If you purchased a Charlie Banana® diaper that has a printed design at the back, we recommend that you wash the diaper inside out. Bring all the sweetness of Snow White home and into a little girl's room with this giant wall decal. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

We also recommend you wash the inserts 4-6 times before use in order to let the fabric pores open and obtain maximum absorbency. Remove the washable insert and store both diaper and insert in either a dry diaper pail or a pail of water until ready for washing.
Some parents prefer to have fewer diapers and wash daily, others like the ease of having more diapers and spreading out the washes. We recommend adding a bit of plain white vinegar to the wash and a few tablespoons of baking soda to help eliminate any smells on a weekly basis. However, some slight staining may occur if a child is on a certain type of medication or depending on the child's diet. This Snow White wall decal is perfect for a girl who loves her timeless tale, while parents will appreciate how easily RoomMates apply and remove without ever leaving behind any sticky residue or damaging the surface. These adorable wall decals will add a touch of modern colours and bring cute animals into any nursery.
If this has happened to you, soak the diaper and insert with some dish soap and wash them in your washing machine a couple of times to remove the residue.

Your diapers are washed everyday it is the best to ensure the print design to last a long time. Apply them to walls, furniture, doors, windows, storage solutions, or any other flat surface. Not only will you conserve energy, but your diapers will also benefit from natural bleaching by the sun.
Pairs perfectly with our other giant Disney Princess decals or wall stickers (all sold separately).
Remove and reposition them as necessary, or apply them to a brand new surface as often as you please.

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