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I recently again came up with the situation that Windows Genuine Notification popped up because Windows Update again installed it via Automatic Updates. Ignore Step #2 of ending wgatray.exe before restarting to Safe Mode as it serves no purpose. When you are again prompted for a confirmation for terminating the process, align that confirmation box over the delete confirmation box. Press Yes on the Task Manager prompt and then quickly press Yes on the deletion confirmation. Now when Windows Updates icon will appear in the system tray (it will take some time), click on the icon and it will display a list of available updates. This time unselect the checkbox of Windows Genuine Advantage Notification Tool, and click on Download.
Select "Don't notify my about these updates again" so it will ignored every time updates are downloaded. From the next time, make sure to check the list of download so that you might not install any new version of this tool. As long as it can be done without the help of any external tools, then I will prefer that as those tools may contain malicious code. Windows genuine advantage notification is Microsoft way of punishing people using pirated copy of windows xp. Windows genuine advantage notification occurs after you have updated your computer on the internet.
If your version of Windows XP is not genuine and does not pass windows genuine validation, you will not be able to download security patches from Windows Update, or install the latest version of Internet Explorer 7 and other software.
Recently Microsoft has even made the notification worse by changing your computer desktop color to black. Well for you that bought pirated copy unknowingly follow these steps to remove this black screen and the notification. Firstly, you have to terminate the process form running on your computer secondly you have to change the name of the files that are running the process.
Recently Microsoft has modified the notification such that if this notification also changes your computer wallpaper and background color to black. Sometimes this modified windows genuine advantage notification also initiates the Wgatray.exe process immediately after you end the process.

You can easily do that with the Task manager, no need to download another tool for such a thing. Select the third option a€?Notify me but dona€™t automatically download or install thema€?. Select a€?Dona€™t notify my about these updates againa€? so it will ignored every time updates are downloaded.
What i dont understand is that once this genuine notification thing disappears,why to perform the above step? Jimmy, not to be difficult, but do you have access to the exact same patch for Office 2007?
All i need to do now is to reclaim my Geniune Status before i try for further updates…i would appreciate any help you can offer.
If your genuine product messed up with this message, then I think your product key has been blacklisted.
However, before this step, I have also open Registry Editor (regedit.exe from Run) and sought for wgalogon folder and deleted it.
I have downloaded this Windows Genuine update to my computer not so long ago, but I haven’t install it.
The update can surely be deleted where it is saved in a temporary location but I am afraid that you will have to google it out yourself.
I have read your solution to WGA and am wishing to use it – the date today is 6th Oct 2009 will it work with the latest windows update systems without causing me other problems?
The most easier steps to remove Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications Installation Wizard permanently within 1 minute. Thanks both of you for helping me get rid of this annoyance that has been bugging me for over a year. I was annoyed by it sometime before but now I am genuine user that’s the simplest way to remove it. Even I used Win XP genuine but I wrote the post when I fixed another computer which was not running a genuine OS.
When I select safe mode it goes into an error message saying it has detected a problem and the whole system restarts itself. I said those are the instructions I found but didn’t work and then I wrote the instructions I followed.

It pops up while a user logs in to windows, displays a message near the system tray and keeps on reminding you in between work that the copy of windows is not genuine. It will pop up again as soon as you end it from the task manager and while it is running in the memory, you can't delete it too. Therefore, if your computer always shows you that you may be a victim of software counterfeiting, its right and you need to go and buy a genuine windows xp.
Microsoft always runs a script that always checks for windows license .if your computer does not pass the test, that is when you are notified. To solve this problem download process terminators that will kill it process permanently for you to be able to change the name of wgatray.exe in the system 32 folder.
You should be able to find it and you can also try installing it and then removing it as I have explained it here. Thanks a lot Ashish for making this forum the instructions you have given to remove the wga notifications were great thanks again. It has been reported since its first release that even genuine users are getting this prompt, so Microsoft has them self release instructions for its removal. Other companies will give you a new key after you are verified as a owner of a genuine key but I don’t know how MS will react.
I guess you didn’t uncheck the options of downloading WGA Notification Tool in Windows Update prompt which is causing that update to be installed again. I did as the same, but then after rebooting, that genuine thing pops up as well, leaving my screen black.
When I searched on Google about this issue, I landed up on pages which were providing many methods of its removal including those patching up existing files with their cracked versions which I would highly recommend avoiding them as they might contain malicious code and can be used to get you into more trouble. And the worst thing is, the computer theme doesn’t load, leaving my computer with a lame, plain theme.

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