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When your pet is scratching their ears or shaking their head, ita€™s common for many pet owners to believe ear mites have taken refuge in their petsa€™ ears.A  However, while ear mites are common in some pets, most cases have proven to be bacteria or yeast infections. Dogs are less likely to house these mites in their ears.A  However, many infections are common in dogsa€™ ears and can develop from a number of factors, including hair growth, allergies, and frequent bathing or swimming. As demonstrated by the picture below, the doga€™s ear canal has a vertical and a horizontal component.A  This structure predisposes dogs to ear infections as debris must work its way upward rather than straight out. It isna€™t long before the pet is seen scratching at his ears, shaking his head or holding one ear slightly dropped.A  Discharge and odor may be noticeable to people.

Regular treatment at home with disinfecting ear washes should become a part of the pet’s grooming routine.
If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to call us at Campus Veterinary Clinic at 510-549-1252. This illustration shows the average size of Blacklegged, Lone Star and Dog ticks compared to a dime. Prevent Ticks from Attaching:A  It takes up to 24 hours for an attached tick to transmit disease, so owners can usually prevent disease transmission to their pets by following a regular schedule to look for and remove ticks.

Find and Remove the Ticks:A  The best way to find ticks on your pet is to check them every time your pet comes back from an area you know is inhabited by ticks and run your hands over the whole body.

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