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Chronic ear problems and chronic ear infections can cause an inflammation of the external auditory canal and can cause great discomfort to your pets. Characterized by the excessive production of oil in the skin and the formation of greasy scales. A veterinary video otoscope is powerful tool in aggressively treating chronic animal ear infections and other ear problems. This not only means we can see better, brighter images at a much larger magnification, but when combined with a veterinary endoscope, we can treat problems that might lie even further in the ear. We can more accurately diagnose, treat, and perform procedures with minimal invasiveness to your pet.

Having the veterinary video otoscope has allowed us to more accurately diagnose and treat inner ear problems in our patients that might otherwise go undiagnosed. To find out if the veterinary video otoscope is right for your pet, speak with our staff and learn more about this innovative technology.
All content and images are the property of Cupertino Animal Hospital unless otherwise noted. We are proud to have been the first veterinary practice in the Silicon Valley to introduce the use of the video otoscope to better serve our patients needs.
Send tools, like Laser, through the scope to more effectively treat, biopsy problems and diseases.

Once the diseases is initiated, the mite will leave the ear canal or will be destroyed by inflammation or a secondary infection. By using our in-clinic veterinary video otoscope, we are able to provide better and more accurate treatment.
It connects to a video system that allows us to capture, view, and record images at a magnification of 15x.

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