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Step 1Treat itchy paws and abscessed nail beds by soaking your pet's paw in warm water and Epsom salts. Step 2Treat dry or cracked paw pads with healing lotion or ointment such as a hydro-cortisone cream. Step 3Bathe irritated or sore paws with a solution of 50-percent hydrogen peroxide and 50-percent water two or three times a day.

Step 5Treat a yeast infection of the paws by bathing them with a sulfur-based shampoo or soap a couple of times per week. Yeast infections, cuts or scrapes, grooming mishaps or dry, cracked pads can cause your canine to lick its paws or limp.
Gently massage the wax onto the pads and between the toes for healing benefits, and to prevent additional cracking and drying.

Treatments are available that relieve paw pain, and that will usually restore your dog to health.

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