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Nose piercing is the perforation of the soft cartilage surrounding the outer part of the nasal passage. Being the commonest of all piercings, it causes little pain while involving less healing time. Nose piercings go against the decorum of many offices, causing inconvenience to the wearer.
The nostril should be cleaned twice a day for at least three days by forming a lather out of anti-bacterial soap and applying it gently on the pierced region during a shower.
Wipe dry with a paper towel or you may even leave it to air dry in order to avoid any friction.
Avoid using betadine, table salt, Neosporin, Tea Tree Oil or any commercial skin care products. Light jewelry like rings is preferred to studs as they help to quicken the healing process.
Change your pillowcase regularly as the accumulation of dirt and germs from your skin and hair may cause irritation to your piercing.
Though the general healing time spans between one and two months, it takes almost a year for the piercing to toughen. Piercing with a gun or unsterilized needle, not maintaining personal hygiene or wearing tight jewelry may result in infection, causing bleeding or pain. Bumps are commonly seen on, next to or inside the pierced region after a few days or a month. They are overgrown tissues of the body often leading to bumps though they not harmless or infectious.
Keloids are a kind of raised scars formed on or around the pierced region without any fluid secretion. Common home remedies for painful bumps include a solution of aspirin, chamomile tea or tea tree oil.

If you do not desire to go through the piercing pangs, you may go for fake rings or a magnetic stud.
With the price varying from one store to other, a single nose piercing costs around $45 whereas a double piercing may go up to $80. Double nose piercing: This fashionable but relatively complicated piercing style has a wide range of variation.
Triple nose piercing: Another unique piercing form may include three piercings on one nostril resembling a triangle or formed in a line. Septum or bull nose piercing: The sweet spot or the fleshy region below the nose cartilage is pierced.
Bridge piercing: The bridge region, running between the eyes is pierced vertically or horizontally. Vertical nose tip or Rhino piercing: Being one of the most painful piercings, it begins from the cartilage running between the nostrils and goes up to the nose tip. Nasallang piercing:  If you desire a three-in-one nose piercing then go for this one as it starts from the right nostril going through the septum and ending up to the left nostril. High nostril piercing: This involves piercing your right or left nostril in the area where the bony structure ends. What is high nostril piercing Nostril piercing can never go out of fashion for its umpteen variations and availability of a plethora of stylish nose jewelry. What is third eye piercing One of the variations of bridge piercing, third eye piercing is the perforation of the bridge of the nose done vertically between the eyebrows. What are spider bites piercings Nowadays several styles of lip piercings are being sported by the young fashion-enthusiastic crowd. An important part of Asian tradition, it has gained immense popularity at present, becoming an important fashion statement all over the world.
The pain during piercing is just like a sharp pinch that occurs on and off for a day or two.

Swelling or bleeding in the pierced region is common during healing.  The formation of crusts or a pink color around the area or even a whitish-yellow discharge is normal. Inflammation of the region around the hole, reddening of the skin and discharge of green or yellow smelly pus are some common symptoms of infection. Though most bumps tend to go away in a few days, the ones caused by infection are tender, pink in color, resembling a pimple, also resulting in pus formation. Compressing your nose gently with warm saline water can help to get rid of common infection and bumps.
Clear nose studs are highly suitable to be worn in school, college or office where piercings are prohibited.
Perforations may be on both sides of the nostril, two piercings on the same side or a combination of a septum-nostril piercing with one ring in the nostril and other on the septum. Changing jewelry too often or wearing cheap and improper jewelry prolongs the healing process. After the compression, the nose should be rinsed with warm water to prevent the salt from getting dried in the nostril. Other variations of nostril jewelry include hoop rings, open nose rings, ball closure rings, heart shaped rings and so on. As there are tiny nerves present in the nose region, a little bleeding may occur during piercing. Avoid wearing fishtails and nostril screws during healing as they may cause irritation to your nose.
Hypertrophic scars, one of the common forms of bumps caused by nose piercing, are pink, purple or skin colored bumps that may bleed if touched or poked.

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