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Nose piercing has been around for a long time and the popularity of the practice continues to rise. Unlike nose and navel piercing which is done on flesh and fatty tissues, nose piercing involves sticking a needle through cartilage. Some common symptoms and signs of infected pierced nose tenderness, excessive pain, prolonged bleeding, pus, excessive redness, and hot feel in the affected area.
Infections may occur in the course of the healing phase after you have had your nose pierced.
Cleaning the infected it generally involves removal of the dried debris such as dead body tissues, dirt, and pus around the the piercing.
No matter how painful the infection is however, the jewelry should not be removed (unless instructed by a doctor) as this may make the wound to close up leading to an abscess. If the above treatment options for piercing infection don’t heal it, antibiotics may be necessary.
Antibiotics will in most cases help to heal the nose piercing infections, but should the symptoms persist, it is also a great idea to seek the attention of your doctor.
Cleaning an infected piercing on the nose is usually easy and can be doesn’t require you to go back to the piercing service provider. This is important in order to prevent a transfer of germs and bacteria into the piercing from dirty hands. To a clean cotton swab, apply a small amount of antibacterial soap (a drop or two) and use it to clean the area around the piercing by swabbing it around gently. Once done, use a cotton swab soaked with a little warm water to rinse the nose before drying it with a clean paper towel. You should avoid using harsh substances such as Hibiclens, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Betadine, and over-the-counter creams since these can slow down the healing process.  Antibacterial soap is enough to clean the infected piercing. It is our sincere hope that this guide has shared some useful tips to help you avoid and treat nose piercing infection if they occur.
Jan 16, 2014 · Nose piercing has possibly been in practice since there have noses and sharp things to pierce them with. Doctors give unbiased, trusted information on whether Na Sal can cause or treat Piercing: Dr. For an infected nose piercing, keep the area clean with warm sterile water, and use antibiotic ointments to treat infection.
Fashion trends are modifying day by day and a lot of things and products are adding in fashion and styling which give us a modish look everywhere. Nose studs can be a kind of nose piercing, as well as the progressively famous option for you to nose ring piercings. You need to take care of your nose piercing hole for a week and so not change or even not try to put out which nose pin or nose stud is inserted after first piercing. A writer, Makeup hoarder and makeup fanatic- I love writing and love love trying new products and sharing my makeup ideas with the world.
Infected lip piercing occurs when sores, inflammation and purple spot on lip appear at the pierced part of your lip or near it.

Before you try to treat infected lip piercing, it is important for you to determine that your lip has truly been infected.
Before you try to treat your infected lip, one important thing that you must not do is squeezing the discharge. This entry was posted in Detailed and tagged Causes, Infected Lip Piercing, Symptoms, Treatments by Clementine Carruthers.
You can expect symptoms of infected nose piercing to resemble any other kind of body piercing infection. This makes it take relatively longer to heal and this coupled with the high amount of bacteria typically found in the nose makes this piercing particularly vulnerable to infections. This might be avoided by ensuring stringent aftercare measures such as washing your hands thoroughly before touching the piercing, and cleaning the area with saline water.
Treating an infected piercing basically rolls down to cleaning the area around the piercing, removing the infected materials and using heat to enhance blood circulation and stimulate the body’s immunity. This involves using a hot salty-water press against the infected area (see the “a section on cleaning your piercing” section below). This is an infection that is trapped beneath the skin and is characterized by pain and swelling. This is especially the case if the infection has moved beyond the immediate area around the piercing. Although rarely, the doctor may recommend the removal of the an infected altogether, or even cut off the tissues around the infected area in order to facilitate healing of the nasal piercing infection. Use an antibacterial soap and how water to wash your hands before drying them with a clean paper towel. It is advisable that you repeat the procedure twice every day until the infection goes away. The symptoms highlighted above will usually tell a normally healing piercing from an infected one. But that shouldn’t keep you from getting a a piercing on your nose if it tickles your fancy. Making use of the exact piercing spot like a nose ring, the nose stud will be just a little part of jewelry which inserted in to your nose piercing, simply for ear stud can be inserted in to the ear piercing. Your day right after the Perforation gives a feeling to you like you were beaten on the face area.
Because, if you put out the pin or stud from your nose then it is may be a cause of infection.
Lip piercing has become a popular art because it makes its performers look eccentric and somewhat attractive. Your doctor knows the right treatment to be given to your lip in order to get rid of the infection. No matter how strong your desire to squeeze the discharge is, do not ever do that because if you do that, the infection will get worse. Use sea salt solution or antibacterial mouthwash to rinse your mouth four times a day and brush your teeth regularly.

Do you think you may be having an allergic reaction to the nickel in the post of the nose ring? People also tend to touch newly  pierced noses frequently and this can easily introduce bacteria, leading to an infection.
This is referred to as cellulitis and results when the body fails to wall-off the infection that results after piercing your nose. Squeeze the cotton wool to remove any excesses before pressing it gently on the pierced area. The following infections may also give you an insight to help you decide if it the high time you get a round of antibiotics or seek the attention of your doctor. In past only a bride or a married girl or women can use these because they think that is the signs of married lady but now it is not only for specific female but also for everyone whom she is young or aged as well as no matter that she is married or not.
There can be several benefits and drawbacks that will have a nose stud piercing which are essential that you need to always keep in your mind. Lip piercing is, however, risky because whenever you deliberately create wound at any parts of your body, that wound is prone to be infected. However, if you think that the symptoms that occur are still mild and you are sure that you can treat your infected lip piercing yourself, there are several remedies that you can actually use.
If the infection is still in mild level, keeping your mouth clean is usually enough to treat it.
Among various parts of the body that are usually pierced, lip is the most vulnerable to infection because lip is located at the mouth, where thousands of bacteria grow, especially if mouth hygiene is not maintained properly.
If you squeeze the discharge, your infected blood will enter those vessels and make everything much worse. You can also drink yogurt and chew ice to expedite the healing process and to prevent inflammation. Repeat the process for five minutes and then rinse the area with some warm water (to get rid of the salt) before patting it dry with a paper towel. If you suffer lip infection after you have it pierced, you have to know how to treat the infected lip before the infection gets worse.
If you do not treat the infection, it will get worse and additional symptoms, such as fever, will occur, especially after two days since the start of the infection. If you already wear jewelry, do not remove the jewelry because your action may trigger abscess. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol because if you do that, you will fail to carry out proper treatment to your infected lip piercing.
Just let the infected lip became as it is, and perform the following treatment immediately. If any of those symptoms have occurred, you have to take the right steps to treat the infection.

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