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Actually, from the technical point of view, there is no such thing as fungi, the root cause behind the nail fungus cannot infect the artificial nails, but it obviously can affect one’s natural nails underneath the artificial ones.
Now, the nail fungal infection may go unnoticed for a long time under the acrylic nails as it hides there. The acrylic nails application involves altering, thickening, and lengthening of one’s natural nails.
The nail professionals also apply the acrylic nails over the natural nails of a person and the already harboring fungus spores there make the situation worse. Also, the tools used by the nail professionals at the salons may be the reason behind the acrylic nail fungus. You can also try these homeopathic medications – Zetaclear, Nail-RX, Fungisil and FungBGone. To prevent the acrylic nail fungus infection, make sure the nail salon you are going to is very clean and their equipments are washed and sterilized after every use. When you notice one of your acrylic nail lifting or is not fitted well, then you must glue it back immediately in order to prevent it from moisture. Acrylic nail fungus infection occurs when the acrylic nail is not firmly sealed to the existing nail which forms a gap between two of these, where water can gets easily providing a perfect condition for fungus development and spreading given that fungi require warmth, darkness and moisture to develop and grow. Therefore, professional fitting of acrylic nails in salon with excellent hygiene is advised to avoid acrylic nail infection. Visit the doctor to identify the occurrence and severity of the infection and to prescribe appropriate treatment. Nail fungus treatment may take from six months to a year to cure the infection, depending on the severity of acrylic nail fungus.
To prevent occurrence of the nail fungus caused by acrylic nails, try to avoid putting these on your natural nails.
Once you had eliminated the artificial nails, cut your natural nails short and in a straight line. Even though medicines might not at all times clear up nail fungus immediately, they can aid avoid the infectivity from proliferating and exacerbating. If synthetic nails are not put on cautiously, air pocket can develop amid the artificial nail and the real nail. If the synthetic nails are left on the fingernails in spite of the existence of fungus, additional problems might consequence.
Using Fungi Nail Anti-Fungal Solution on your Nail FungusFungi Nail Anti-Fungal Solution – what is this nail fungus solution all about? All about Black Fungus under FingernailsLet us have a discussion about black fungus under the nails including some treatments to remedy this type of fungus. A Review of Curanail Nail Fungus TreatmentAre you familiar with Curanail Nail Fungus Treatment?
How to Get Rid of Nail Fungus with Oregano OilLearn how you may use oregano oil as a nail fungus treatment.
Toenail Fungus and Treating it with UV LightUV light is probably one of the newest nail fungus treatments. 7 Tips to Treat Nail Fungus Caused by Acrylic NailsTreating nail fungus caused by acrylic nails may be done using the tips provided below. Acrylic nails are artificial nails that are applied to improve as a means to change the look of the page. As before, when the acrylic nails are poorly equipped, mentioned, or if the glue is weakened and the alteration of the nails in a condition such as acrylic nail fungus can cause known. You can also find a collection of the residue of dust, such as keratin nail fungus parts now.
If these symptoms are not treated, the nail to separate from the nail, a condition called onycholysis. Fortunately, if this condition is seen in the right time, acrylic nail fungus can be treated effectively.
Use the ointment prescribed by a doctor or an ointment without a prescription and use in and around the affected area as directed.
These methods of treatment can depend on from six months to a year to take on the speed of nail growth.

What began as a method to improve the nails may have a trick and lead to this state of the fungi in acrylic nails.
Once the nail gets infected, the fungus thrives as the fake nails offer a perfect place for them to thrive – a warm, moist and dark atmosphere. When the infection occurs, the first thing that you should do is to remove the fake nails and cut down the natural nails short. Essential Oils – Try the different essential oils like the lavender oil, olive oil and jojoba oil etc. They consist of liquid monomer and powder polymer that can be shaped after it dries and need to be maintained every two weeks. However, if acrylic nails are not applied correctly or in case of their long term use, they can badly damage the nail bed and obstruct natural growth of the nails. Hence, it is important to be sure that the acrylic nails application is performed by a trained nail professional. The most of beauty salons practice good hygiene using sterilized equipment and antibacterial products. Also, any damage of the acrylic nail should be attended immediately, to get appropriate treatment prevent spreading of nail fungus infection. Make sure that this is done by a professional who will remove the nails carefully.  All artificial nails should be removed, even if just one nail is infected, to prevent spreading of the infection.
There are a wide variety of natural, over-the-counter solutions that can be applied directly on infected nails.
This situation frequently takes place in individuals wearing acrylic nails, in view of the fact that fungus-causing moisture is ensnared beneath the nails.
If you are going to use acrylic nail s to conceal the infectivity, you can exacerbate the situation. If the nail fungus is serious, your physician might recommend eliminating your genuine nail and waiting for the new one to develop once again. Women washing plenty of dishes or require washing their hands all the time due to their line of work might desire considering the treatment of synthetic nails. As stated at the Online Pharmacy News, the opening can turn out to be a propagating base for fungus, particularly if moisture or food is ensnared in between.
NHS Warwickshire shows that not treated situations of fungus can turn out to be a resource of intense soreness and uneasiness.
Can be used to improve the length of the nails, or broken cover, deformed, brittle nails can be.
This means that the gap between acrylic nails and nail-house is the perfect environment is created for the fungus to grow.
Even if the finger is affected, get rid of them all before this infection increases or spreads. Often the nail bed can also be considered by the fungus because of the long nails affected. The worst part is that this condition can last a long time, and effectively reduce the appearance of nails and hands.
The application nail polish on the fake nails also acts negatively as the fungi will thrive there due to the moisture. When the acrylic nails are lifted or they are not fitted properly over the natural nails, water gets in easily and thus, it provides a breeding ground for the infection.
These natural oils have great properties that eliminate the fungus and also work for healing the wounds. The term of acrylic nails usually refers to all types of false nails such as silk, gel and fiber nails.
Obstruction in the nail growth may cause deformed nails which can result in various defects like discolored nails or thickened nails.
The false nails cannot be infected by fungus since they are artificial, but the fungi can infects the real nail plate, nail bed and nail folds. However, in some salons hygiene is not on high level which is welcoming ground for the nail fungus infection to develop. Some of the most popular homeopathic remedies for nail fungus are Zetaclear™, PurNail™, Nail-Rx™, Claripro™ and Funginix™ which contain Tea Tree Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Lavender Oil and other natural ingredients beneficial for infected nails and skin due to its antifungal properties.

If you still want to apply them, make sure that this is done by a nail specialist under the excellent hygiene conditions. Because nail fungus can trigger soreness and appear ugly, you will desire to remedy the situation. Water will sooner or later instigate the glue that fastens the synthetic nails to disconnect from the real nail, instigating air pockets. Thus, it is necessary that once synthetic nails are put on, no air pockets should be present.
The fungus can also proliferate to the skin that encircles the fingernail ensuing in further situation identified as cellulites, which is indicated by puffiness of the skin.
The presence of fungi in acrylic nails can be identified by the presence of the following symptoms.
First, a visit to the doctor to the presence and severity to identify the fungal infection.
A little help in this area, please take a look at this article on how to remove acrylic nails. Another home remedy it, the nails in two parts water to one part vinegar, which also helps to soak up the fight against the infection.
The best way to avoid this problem is the use of acrylic nails to avoid and keep the nails trimmed at any time. Millions of women across the world have acrylic nails applied over their natural nails, from different reasons – usually because their own nails are easily broken and cannot develop desired length, to mask and cover discolored or weak nails  or just because they want their nails to look more attractive. Sometimes, though rarely a skin irritation (dermatitis) of nail folds (the skin around the nail) as a reaction to acrylic nails components may occur. If the right application method is not followed, the gap between the natural nail bed and acrylic nails may develop. If synthetic nail starts raising it must be right away dried and rearrange with nail glue, or totally eliminated. Osteomyelitis can also start to hatch, bringing about irritation of the bone marrow and the bone itself.
However, there is a misapplication of them, or overuse, which are known to be a common problem, acrylic nail fungus.
The problem arises with the recognition of the condition that the infection is often hidden under the nail, and to the various symptoms are evident, the fungus can not be identified.
After confirming the use of prescription drugs and some treatment measures at home to deal with the problem.
However, if you still feel tried and can not resist making these improvements have been professionally at a salon or an authorized nails. It is not only common, it can be dangerous if they are ignored, and damage to natural nails. Think you follow it, the basics of caring for acrylic nails through the use of various products for acrylic nails. However, the most frequent problem related to acrylic nails is onychomycosis or fungal infection of the nails.
The fungus quickly grows and spreads along the nail plate and can cause different deformities of the nail.
If the correct application techniques are not met, it may results in a gap between the acrylic nail and nail bed of the original. The fingernail may lose its shine and become discolored.  Furthermore, it may thicken and as a result become crumble and easily broken.
A prolonged infection that remains untreated may result in the nail plate deformity with the yellow color of the nail or its darkening and finally, the nail plate can detach from the nail bed. The problem lies in the fact that infection is usually hidden under the nail and fungus cannot be identified until its different symptoms become clearly visible.

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