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Ganglion cysts are an odd occurrence where a noncancerous lump suddenly appears along tendons or joints in your wrists, hands, ankles, and feet. Ganglion cysts are not always painful, but they can cause some discomfort if they are pressing on a nerve. What can you do to prepare for an appointment with a South Florida Foot & Ankle Centers doctor for ganglion foot cyst treatment? These types of cysts grow out of a joint or the lining of a tendon and are filled with the lubricating tissue that is normally there to protect the joints or tendons. You should be prepared to answer some questions to help your podiatrist understand your symptoms and diagnose the severity of the cyst.

The foot doctors at South Florida Foot & Ankle Centers will explain all of the ganglion cyst treatment options available so that you can work together to decide which treatment is best for you. The exact cause for ganglion cysts is not known, but there are common risk factors that are present in those who get them.
Since osteoarthritis patients have wear and tear on their joints, cysts are more common in the smaller joints of the fingers or toes if you have osteoarthritis. However, a cyst on a foot, ankle, or toe might need treatment if it is large enough and interferes with your shoes or inhibits activity. Be sure to take note of when the lump appeared, when your pain and discomfort started and what level of pain you are experiencing.

Cyst treatments include immobilization to let the cyst heal on its own, aspiration to drain the fluid, or surgery if other treatments are not successful in ganglion cyst removal.

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