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Answer the following questions as part of your assessment to determine if your wound care patient would benefit from MIST Therapy®.
Deep tissue injury (DTI) is caused by significant pressure, usually over a bony prominence, that creates tissue damage from the inside out. Pain is an unfortunate effect of many wound care treatments, including surgical debridement, contact ultrasound, pulsed lavage, electrical stimulation and more which can result in patient dissatisfaction and reduced compliance. If pain is a factor when treating your wound care patient, it may be time to add MIST Therapy to your treatment protocol. If your patient has a wound that is not healing as expected, it may be time to add MIST Therapy to your treatment.
MIST Therapy has been shown to increase the blood flow to the wound by dilating the vessel. If you have a wound that lacks adequate circulation and the edema is being addressed, adding MIST Therapy to your treatment protocol may benefit your patient. If you have a wound that is showing signs of infection, it may be time to add MIST Therapy to your treatment. Nonhealing wounds can “stall” in the inflammatory or proliferative phases of healing.  Drainage can result because of this inflammation or because the wound is infected. Through active cell stimulation, MIST Therapy has been shown to reduce inflammation in nonhealing wounds for less drainage and faster healing.  MIST Therapy also reduces the amount of bacteria within and below the wound bed to improve healing.
If you have a wound that has drainage, it may be time to add MIST Therapy to your treatment.

For more information on when MIST Therapy is appropriate for your patient, contact your local Celleration representative or call 866-307-6478 (MIST). Bacteria would then colonize the injured area slowly causing more damage to the tissues causing inflammation. In some cases, contamination of surgical wounds and improper care of wound dressing may cause wound infection. Wound infection is characterized by redness, pain, swelling or inflammation, and pus like discharge from the wound. Old aged people, diabetic people and persons with immune deficiency are prone to wound infection.
Treatment of wound infection depends on the site of injury and intensity of damage caused to the tissues.
The wound infection can take more time for healing if the patient is diabetic or suffering from any immune disorder. Previously, clinicians were limited to offloading and waiting until the wound opened before starting treatment. It is due to the infection caused by bacteria or virus on the wound which delays the healing of wound. Presence of any dead tissues inside the wound will squarely increase the risk of wound infection. MIST Deep Healing Energy penetrates below the skin’s surface to stimulate the cells to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and and heal DTIs from deep within.

Our body contains good bacteria that are harmless due to the protective skin layer that prevents the entry of bacteria.
Hence you need to change the dressings daily and keep the wound well protected from moist and infection causing sites.
Your doctor may use sterilized water for cleaning it and removing the dirt particles and dead tissues inside. Do not discontinue taking antibiotics which can certainly increase the risk of getting wound infection.
Surgical wound infection is common and almost 7 out of 10 patients die during post-operative stage because of wound infection.
However when the skin is injured during surgery or wound it gives room for the bacteria to invade the inner organs. Wash the hands thoroughly before and after dressing the wounds for preventing further infection.
You need to follow the instructions of your doctor for completing the course of antibiotics either orally or topical creams. The formation of wound increases the chance of removal of protective barrier from the skin thus facilitating bacterial infection.

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