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You can have your nail completely removed (this is called avulsion) or partially removed (this is called debridement). Surgery: Your doctor will first numb the skin around and under your nail with a shot of a local anesthetic. Removal with an ointment: Your doctor will cover the skin around your nail to protect it and then put an ointment on the infected part of your nail.
After your nail is removed, your doctor will probably recommend putting an antifungal cream on the nail bed or taking antifungal pills. If you keep getting infections, your doctor might recommend completely removing the nail and then putting a chemical on the thin layer of skin at the base of your nail (your cuticle) to stop your nail from growing back. We found one study that compared antifungal pills (terbinafine, itraconazole and fluconazole) with other types of treatments, including removing part of the nail and putting antifungal medicine directly on the nail.1 It found that people who used antifungal pills were more satisfied with their treatment than people who had part of their nail removed or put medicine on their nail.
Once your nail is removed, there’s a chance the skin underneath could become infected while it heals. If all or part of your toenail is removed, it’s possible that the corner or side of the nail could regrow into the skin on that toe. Remember that household bleach kills nearly everything, mold, HIV virus, Hepatitus virus and many other things. Protect your nail as it grows back and don’t assume its all gone as I think I may have originally picked something up when my toenail was completely crushed by someone stepping on it all those years back. To get past the unsightly summer flip flop situations, I have a very patient pedicurist who keeps them looking pretty – a dark red polish does the trick and I tip her well:) but was wondering if anyone has heard of any nail polish with an antifungal ingredient in it? I had my big toenail removed and now the toe is all red and afraid It is getting more infection.
Susan Miller is an RN Nurse who felt inspired to write about various treatment options for Nail Fungus (Onychomycosis) after suffering from it herself.
It is important to check for skin breaks because these give the bacteria access to the nails. After choosing to treat toenail fungus with rubbing alcohol, it is important to understand the pros and cons. In fact, most people don’t need more than one or two bottles of the alcohol, which should last for two weeks. Another issue with using this treatment option is that it has the potential to make the problem worse.
A lot of people have had success with laser fungus treatment, which instantaneously kills the fungus.
Wearing damp, infected socks and shoes or work boots for long hours may also create conditions for toe fungus. Overall, moist unsanitized conditions encourage fungus growth.  However, you are not alone! At Reflections, we make it painless and affordable to treat your toe fungus once and for all! Our laser toenail fungus removal in Virginia is specifically designed to treat toenail fungus and has no side effects.

Damaged, crumbly, and brown or gray nail surface (with no separation of the nail from the underlying skin). The laser delivers light energy to gently heat the toenail bed and kill the toenail fungus and fungal spores. Depending on how many toes are affected, laser toenail fungus removal in Virginia will take 15-30 minutes. Some patients only need two treatments of laser toenail fungus removal in Virginia, but some need more if they have severe cases of toenail fungus. While it is important to remove nail polish, decoration and jewelry prior to treatment, you can reapply nail polish 24 hours after laser toenail fungus removal in Virginia.  We also have antifungal nail polish that come in a variety of colors.
For more information about laser toenail fungus removal in Virginia, contact us today by calling our office at (703)539-6002. Do Your Skin a Favor and Get Some Sleep!For healthy, luminous skin, there’s nothing quite like a good night’s sleep.
There hasn’t been much research on removing some or all of the nail to treat fungal nail infection. This can be done either with minor surgery or with an ointment that softens the nail so that it can be removed easily.
He or she will then use a tool to separate your nail from the surrounding skin and nail bed (this is the area under your nail).
Your nail will then be covered with a plastic dressing, which you’ll need to keep dry. This is because the fungus lives on the skin under your nail, rather than on the nail itself. There hasn’t been much good-quality research on whether removing all or part of the nail can get rid of fungal nail infections. To prevent this, doctors recommend keeping the skin clean and dry, and putting on an antibiotic cream. I’ve tried heaps of measures to try to get rid of it including teatree oil and curanail. There are other conditions that can cause discoloring of the nails, but a fungus is almost always the culprit. The problem is that rubbing alcohol will almost always fail at curing a deep fungus infection.
It is crucial to give the nails enough time to soak because the alcohol needs time to reach and attack the fungus. One of the downsides of using this treatment is that it is really only effective for minor cases of toenail fungus. Although it might not be suitable for everyone, laser treatment is easily the best cure for toenail fungus.

Most fungal nail infections are caused by a group of fungi called dermatophytes, which means “skin plants” in Greek. This process makes the laser ideal for the safe and effective desired result of toenail clearing.
This treatment isn’t used very often, but your doctor might suggest it if your infection is severe or keeps coming back.
A mild ingrown toenail can be treated with remedies at home, such as soaking your foot in warm salt water and then putting cotton underneath the ingrown part to help it grow above the skin. I’ve not put anything on it for at least 8 months and tonight I was able to cut the whole thing off practically.
There are several ways to contract toenail fungus and lots of wet environments that help the fungus grow.
The best way to use the alcohol is to pour some into a bowl or bucket and allow the nails to soak for twenty minutes.
The amount of this product that you need to treat a minor case of nail fungus won’t cost much money. As the infection progresses, the nail may become brittle and break or pull away from the toe. The most common fungi that causes nail infection disease in animals and humans are Trichophyton rebrum, Trichophyton mentagrophyte, and Candida Albicans.   These fungi can live on the layer of dead skin around your nails, in the space under your nail, and in the nail itself. The laser energy alters fungal cellular metabolism and at increased temperature (42°C), fungal organisms’ cell components are damaged. If you are experiencing recurring nail fungus infestation then this might be a bigger issue with your immune system and your overall general health.  You might want to discuss with your doctor doing a cleanse and changing your diet to include more organic live foods and stay away from cooked foods. Lamisil side effect was that everything i ate tasted like cardboard, therefore I lost about 4 pounds. If the nail fungus goes unaddressed, it’s almost impossible to treat with topical treatments or rubbing alcohol.
It is generally not painful, although if left untreated, the skin beneath or around the affected nail could become inflamed or infected.
There is also a photo-chemical effect that further damages fungal cell enzymes and proteins. Fungal cell membranes are also damaged by the laser resulting in fungal death and toenail clearance.

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