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Owing to our strict quality control policy, we are able to manufacture and supply a wide gamut of Industrial Water Cooling Tower. Performance is based upon installation, in an outdoor location and absence of nearby structures which might prevent free air movement.
All models are available in grey colour normally, other colours to match environment can be made available on special request.
Cooling towers do not include motor starter, pumps, valves, controls, float valves, foundation, pipe fittings etc. The company operates a policy on continuous improvements and reserves the right to make alterations in designs and specification without any notice. All these cooling towers are widely installed in core industries for chilling applications for welding machines, diesel generator sets and induction furnaces. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

The entire body of the cooling tower is manufactured from fiberglass reinforced plastic that keep the inside temperature lower.
This steel structural framework is stable to standtyphoon of 12th degree and earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter Scale.
The whole structureis featured by stability, low vibration, anticorrosion, and long service life. Supportand casing components are hot dip galvanized or handled with other specialembalmment.3.
The body surface is imported colorizedgel-coat surface, which contains ultraviolet radiation absorbefacient. As a result, its surface is smooth and clean, corrosion-free as well as antiultraviolet.This kind of surface will bear aging and fading. Standard motor isof single speed, but if customer requires specifically, we can also provide doubleor three-speed motor.

Distribution system: use distribution pipe fixed with advanced gravitational nozzlein the world. The piece mould is tested by authoritydepartment, compared to other fill, it has such advantages as larger surface,small air resistance, good hydrophile, large heat transfer coefficient, firm assembly,never jam, easily to clean, good fire resistance and bearing aging. If customer need fibre cold waterbasin, he shall state before place order, and the price will be recalculated.2).

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