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Vinegar can be said a miracle cure for toenail fungus that is very common problem with men and women.
Lots of people find vinegar very effective in curing toenail fungus but procedure of working it for fungi is somehow long and you have to go for vinegar treatment for several months to get rid of fungi on feet.
Foot bath is considered most common and best way to use vinegar as toenail fungus treatment. Any of soft fabrics or bandages is used to soak in vinegar and then are wrapped on the affected toenail.
Whatever the way choose to apply vinegar on affected part of your feet, you must stay regular and determined for this treatment as it takes long time to completely cure fungi problem on toenail. Three months ago I bought a bottle of vinegar as an experiment and started rubbing some between my toes every chance I get. Mostly, toenail fungus is not painful but its real symptoms include swelling, inflammation, getting yellowish, crumbled and thick as well.
Although there are many types of vinegar can be used for feet care but while plane vinegar is considered the best and most effective in treating toenail fungus. In this treatment, plenty of vinegar is added in a foot basin to cover your toenails properly.

So we can say that vinegar is such a natural and home ingredient that really works dramatically to cure toenail fungus including lots of other feet problems like warts, calluses on feet, smelly feet, sore and swelled feet and improvement of feet skin as well.
I'm planning on leaving the 21st of March and I hope it will be a interesting and exciting experience ! My feet have mostly cleared up, but since I have an auto-immune disorder, I am very prone to infections in general.
Not only did it disappear completely within a week, but it has so far not returned.Kiki Says: Tea tree oil is also good for getting rid of the funk!
I paid $5 or so for it, but I still have that same stick in my rotation so I have not repurchased it.
In this way, you need to have little amount or just some drops of vinegar to put on toenail fungus and let them air dry.
You must keep wrap soaked bandages on fungi part of feet for maximum time for best results. You will find vinegar a simple, cheap, convenient and most effective ingredient to use for toenail fungus. I have found that washingA  with Head and Shoulders really helps, as there are anti-fungal properties to combat certain causes of dandruff.

My body gets used to antiperspirants really quickly, so I hardly ever repurchase the same antiperspirants. Main reason for using vinegar as treatment of fungus is fungi cannot grow in acidic environment that is supported by vinegar. However, you must be careful in purchasing pure vinegar not just fake product of vinegar as it would just be a waste of your time and money.
I have also used an Apple Cider Vinegar with Isopropyl Alcohol as the base for a soak that I have used almost daily. I also find that simply creating negative conditions for the fungus to continue to colonize REALLY helps: such as letting your bare feet bake in direct sunlight, wearing sandals to prevent stagnant, moist air to remain near your feet, and when you must wear shoes, wrap them tightly with gauze (or in a pinch paper towels) to maintain as dry a climate within your shoe as possible. A xoi»?Yogamama100: Actually my son had it on his neck and I put coconut oil to stop the itching and tea tree oil dried it up.

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