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Causes of Tooth StainsDentists categorize tooth stains into two distinct categories, intrinsic and extrinsic.
For extrinsic stains, the most common causes include bacteria, food, poor dental hygiene or other factors such as genetic predisposition or salivary dysfunction. Preventative TechnqiuesAdapting habits that help avoid buildup is essential to maintaining a healthy smile. Swish a tablespoon (or whatever amount is comfortable for your mouth) of coconut oil around in your mouth for ~15-20 minutes, making sure to "pull" it through your teeth.
Treatment Techniques for Whiter TeethSo taking care of your teeth is fun and all, but what can you do to treat the stains that you do have? A lot of home remedy sites recommend hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice or baking soda. Fair warning, just like you'd expect, activated charcoal will stain anything that's not your teeth. Just like activated Charcoal, turmeric will leave anything that's not your teeth stained; though in this case it will be bright, curry yellow.
Summary of TechniquesRemember, there's two main approaches to tooth whitening; Preventative and Treatment. ConclusionYou can find a plethora of home remedies on the internet with just a few minutes of searching, all of which have varying degrees of success.
When looking to whiten your teeth, look for preventative measures to help maintain good oral health in combination with whitening measures in order to make sure your white teeth don't end up hiding some serious issues.
If the patient cannot get to a dentist right away, an antibiotic can be used to treat the infection until a dentist can be seen. Don't just look for a quick fix; while some may work, their effects are often temporary and won't do anything to help your teeth in the long run.
Oil PullingOil Pulling is an old tradition enjoying new limelight in the natural remedy community. When you're finished, spit out the oil (which will have turned a grayish white color, most likely) and rinse with warm water.

Drink WaterNot only does water help keep you hydrated, it helps rinse your mouth out of any left over food and bacteria.
Use a StrawThis isn't going to whiten your teeth outright, and of all the advice listed, it may be the silliest.
There's a few options, and I've dug around the internet to find not only the most effective, but also the least abrasive. All of these things will work--however, they're easy to over use and can end up causing more harm than good by wearing down your enamel and exposing the yellow dentin underneath. StrawberriesProbably one of my favorite treats on this list, Strawberries contain malic acid, which behaves much in the same way as other acids as a mild abrasive that can eat of stains on your teeth. Activated CharcoalThere's a lot about smearing charcoal on your teeth that screams "BAD IDEA, NO!" at first. Take care to make sure you don't leave your bathroom looking looking like the inside of a chimney. Lemon or Orange PeelsSome people may recommend lemon juice (often with baking soda) as a way to whiten your teeth, and while it may have an effect, the high acidity in lemons has the potential wear down your teeth. TurmericLittle known in the west but apparently an ancient cure-all in India, Turmeric has gathered a great deal of anecdotal evidence (self included) towards its wonders as a tooth whitener.
Be sure to use a sacrificial toothbrush, closed mouth brushing technique, and rinse your sink thoroughly. This list excludes some of the more common entries such as baking soda and hydrogren peroxide, because, while effective, these shouldn't be done too frequently or you'll risk wearing down your enamel. Natural antibiotics are easier to obtain than their prescription-only cousins and just as easy to use. If allowed to continue long enough, tooth infections can lead to abscesses (swollen, pus filled tissue in the gums) and fever. A mix of salt and baking soda can be used as well; it can be packed between the cheek and gum or it can be used on a wet cotton ball, then put into place.
These at-home treatments should not take the place of a dentist's examination and treatment. You're up with one eyeball against a mirror, trying to calculate how many sodas you could've passed up in order to have pearly white teeth. Though it may be counterintuitive, drinking water that's excessively high in fluoride may cause deep, dark brown stains.

Preventative measures like these are beneficial to anyone looking to whiten their teeth because they're also used for the overall health of your mouth. But what's the difference between blending them up in a delicious smoothie versus gnawing on a crudite at a potluck? You'll have to skip the ranch, but crunchy vegetables like carrots, cucumber, celery or apples helps stimulate the production of saliva, which washes out other food debris and also helps balance acids in your mouth that cause tooth decay.
Most people recommend using coconut oil, I've seen variations with sunflower, grapeseed and even olive oil in a pinch. Drinking water after a meal can help negate any unpleasant effects from acids or sugars that have been ingested.
But we all like to indulge a little bit once in awhile, so on days where you're craving a soda or frappe, just use a straw. You can eat them or choose to crush them up into a paste and apply to your teeth, letting the paste sit for about five minutes before rinsing with water. But activated charcoal, which is not what you used in art class, has a lot of properties that make it ideal for this purpose.
Rubbing the inner part of a lemon or orange rind on your teeth can have some of the same whitening effect without the dangerous effects of the citric acid.
While there doesn't seem to be conclusive evidence either way, the main chemical in turmeric, curcumin, is suggested to be somewhat abrasive, although I've had difficulty finding corroboration either way. If you can find the root, chewing it is considered equally, if not more effective and much less messy. Also, some people may be allergic to one or more of these remedies; if so, they should not be used. Having defective salivary output may increase tooth decay, as saliva plays a role in keeping your mouth free of plaque and other undesired food buildup.

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