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Antibiotics need to be complemented with decongestants, antipyretics to obtain quick relief from all symptoms. The bones around the eyes, nose and the cheeks are lined with membranes that produce mucous. At times the sinus becomes infected and the mucous becomes clogged and unable to drain properly. Prescription antibiotics are commonly used to treat a sinus infection but more often than not, you can use some natural cures and home remedies to get the much needed relief. A hot shower may help to give relief from a pounding headache that can be worsened with a sinus infection. On the other hand you should be eating plenty of soft foods like porridge, oats, soups and broths all of which help to cure the infection and make you feel better in the long run. Using a humidifier in the room and staying away from cigarette smoke and pollution can also help. Narrow spectrum antibiotics are penicillins, macrolides while broad spectrum antibiotics are cephalosporins and fluoroquinolones. A sinus infection can occur due to a number of reasons like allergies to dairy products, smoking, pollution, an acute flu or a dental infection.

Sinusitis presents with thin or thick muco-purulent discharge from nose, fever, facial pain, headache and cough.
If still it does not respond then the doctor needs to test you for the type of bacteria that has infected you. If you stop early, there are chances that the bacteria may become resistant to the antibiotic.
So that he can choose that antibiotic which is effective against that particular strain of bacteria. Other side effects of antibiotics are bad taste in mouth, moderate to severe diarrhea, and vaginal yeast infection. You can add garlic and pepper to your soups and broths to help tackle flu or a cold that is causing the sinus infection.
For chronic infection, it should be taken for 20-25 days or more depending upon the progress of the case. So do not self medicate and always consult your physician before starting any antibiotic for sinus infection.

Ceftibuten dehydrate is a type of cephalosporin and moxiflaxin is a fluoroquinolone used for sinus infection. Acupuncture , heat , electrical stimulation channels of energy , body's internal organs, correct imbalances digestion, absorption, and energy production activities, circulation of their energy .
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