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Essential oils extracted from plants can be used to cure acne, scars, skin spots and other skin conditions. Essential oils extracted from rosemary, lavender and rosewood have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
The best essential oils that can be used to get rid of cystic acne fast are lavender oil, cloves oil and tea tree oil.
Lavender oil soothes and softens the skin and it has excellent healing properties for burns and skin spots.
Mixing lavender, clove and tea tree oil produces a powerful solution which when applied directly to the cystic acne will heal it naturally. Honey can be used for facial masks in combination with other elements or just in its natural form to treat cystic acne.
Cystic acne is one of the most severe forms of acne that can appear; it develops deep nodules and if you squeeze one of these pimples you will leave deep scars on the skin surface.

Because it has a high viscosity it can remove dust and dead skin, as well as some skin bacteria. A facial mask made only with filtered honey will clean the skin pores and will erase microbes.
Mix two spoons of fresh milk, two spoons of honey, fresh lemon juice and a spoon of fresh yogurt. Mix a spoon of aloe Vera juice with a spoon of honey and leave this mixture on the affected skin for more than 10 minutes. Kelp powder is a powder made from algae; it is a natural detoxifier and an excellent skin hydrator. Laser treatment can help to quickly decrease the action of sebaceous glands, remove existing sebum and kill the bacteria which grows inside acne. These nodules swell and if they reach a certain step of inflammation, the pimple swollen with pus will break beneath the skin.

Researchers have found that this essential oil can kill bacteria which cause acne even at 10 % concentration. Citric acid from lemon and the milk will clean the skin surface very well and treat cystic acne fast.
Glycolic acid from apple will peel a thin layer of the skin; and honey will clean and unblock the skin pores.

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