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Dry skin patches can be a major source of concern for any woman, since they make the skin appear dull and rough. For this reason, if you find any dry skin patches on your face, treating these immediately is crucial. If you are using cosmetics that do not suit your skin, chances are high that dry patches may occur on your skin. Apart from using wrong cosmetics, sudden changes in the weather can also make your skin behave badly.
You can also try out natural remedies, such as, vitamin E oil and glycerin for moisturizing your skin and thus, reducing the dry patches.
You may not be aware of this, but fact is that dehydration can be a major reason why your skin is appearing dry and flaky. Finally, if you find that your skin remains dry, despite trying out the herbal remedies, consulting an experienced dermatologist would be a good idea. Soft and smooth skin seems to be a dream come true in today’s life where we have to face lot of pollution every day. There are so many treatments available these days for healing dry skin, but it is doubtful to trust upon them as skin is something that we cannot compromise with.
Water is essential for treating dry skin as it moisturizes skin naturally and keeps it hydrated.
It is strongly recommended to drink lots of water every day.If you have dry skin then avoid washing it with hot water as it reduces natural oils from skin and leaves it dry. Glycerin works very well in healing dry skin as it nourishes skin making it soft and smooth.
Rosacea is acne like benign skin condition that causes extreme discomfort and distress to the body as well as the mind. The blood vessels underneath the skin become inflamed and initially this condition appears as a sunburn or plain blushing on the face. The exact cause of this condition is unknown but the flare-ups are generally triggered by emotional stress, excessive heat, alcohol and very spicy foods. Neem Oil is full of therapeutic values and is able to overcome a wide variety of diseases and ailments. Oatmeal soothes the skin, keeps it soft and well moisturized and eliminates the redness and inflammation.
Make some chamomile tea by steeping three teaspoons of dried chamomile in two cups of boiling water. When it is thoroughly chilled dip a clean soft cotton cloth into it and apply the compress to all the affected areas. Furthermore, these patches can lead to several other problems, such as, bacterial infections, itching and acne.
For example, in the winter, many women experience dry skin patches because of low humidity. For reducing the problem of dry patches, it’s important to use a good quality sunscreen half an hour before moving outside.

Remember that they do not offer the same benefits as water and may aggravate the situation.
Sometimes, dry skin patches occur due to medical conditions that include psoriasis, myeloma, and atopic dermatitis. Pollution damages skin badly as it loses its moisture and softness that eventually results into dry skin. We can use different remedies externally; but, first of all, it is important to keep skin fit internally. It works as a wonder for skin and that is the reason why it is used in almost every skin product. Leave it for overnight and just after its regular use for few days, you will notice your skin losing dryness and becoming soft.
The main symptoms of this condition are red patches, a bulbous red nose, burning or stinging feeling in the face, red and watery eyes, acne like skin sores that weep and crust and a lot of minute blood vessels that are clearly visible on the face. Cosmetics and other skin care and personal care products only tend to aggravate the condition and worsen it. It has excellent cooling and soothing properties which calm the skin sores and quicken their healing process. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties heal the swollen blood vessels, reduce the swelling and heal the skin bumps. It has remarkable antibacterial and antifungal properties which address all kinds of skin diseases and disorders. The relaxant and antibacterial properties of chamomile will eliminate rosacea quickly and effectively. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
The situation becomes worse, if you stay in an air-conditioned room for major part of the day.
You should also cover exposed parts of your face and body with any clothing for minimizing the damage caused by the sun.
For reducing dry skin patches that occur due to aging-related factors, using a good anti-aging cream is important. Read on to explore these wonderful home remedies and try out them to experience an extra charming soft skin. If you have aloe vera plant at your home then take a fresh slice from plant and collect juice from it.
It is so simple to try out this remedy as you just have to take little lukewarm oil and rub it on your face, neck, hands and legs gently.
It is rich in astringent, antiseptic and anti- inflammatory properties which promote a clean, smooth and healthy skin. For example, you can use milk and sweet almond oil for cleaning and moisturizing your face respectively. This remedy is useful in moisturizing skin.On the other hand, curd has anti-oxidants and anti- inflammatory properties.

Mix them well and apply all over the skin leaving it on till you take bath.You can also use raw milk to cure dry skin, you just have to take 4 tsp.
Herbal face pack, herbal cream, herbal oil, herbal massage, intake of herbal tea, steam bath are included in the beauty rejuvenation treatments, increases the skin complexion, skin tone, beautifies the body figure.Peaceful, tension free mind By performing all the programs are not only gains a beautiful magnetic face but also a well balance personality.
After devoting few days for health and beauty a woman can get her natural charm and may remain young and beautiful.
Includes Nature cure and ancient, tribal herbal treatments.Detox Facial - Remove skin problem Oily and rough skin, dead cells, clears blocked pores and tone up the skin. Facilities includes for Makeup, manicure, pedicure, waxing, threading, bleaching, mehendi decoration, head massage, body massage, herbal oil massage, body raps, herbal face pack, facials.
Attraction - herbal tonic, herbal juice, herbal tea improves the complexion and beautifies the body, It improves blood circulation and tone up muscles. Precious herbs and herbal leaves are boiled and the steam in passed over the entire body, six karmas treatment for mental and physical well being tunes the body organs, mind, breath, nerves and purifies the blood. Exotic Baths - Saffron, sandal, rose, milk, honey, neem, tulsi and so many herbal baths.Traditional treatments for body and skin In ancient India traditionally used herbal turmeric based treatment BUTNA was very popular treatment for bride and groom. Traditionally it was always given for 10 to 15 days to the bride and groom prior to their wedding to cleans, smooth en soften and rejuvenate the skin.
Beside BUTNA there were also native herbs, spices, roots of turmeric, sandal wood, henna, rice flower etc. Hydrotherapy and experience good steam shower and exotic body massage, scrubs, butna and hair treatment to help de-stress and make you put your best face forward. And Nature cure treatments for physical fitness & body tone up program will provide ACHIEVEMENTS - Stamina will increase. After regular practice of these asanas and program height will start to increase with in one month. ATTRACTION - Spa treatments, herbal spa,yogic massage, face packs.Face is mirror of our health and emotions. A good face massage helps us in headache, anxiety and exhaustion and improves blood circulation, easing tense and tired muscles, helps in sleeping problems and gives to the skin a healthy glow. Physiological disorders like menstruation problem, constipation, urine irritation will remove and physical fitness will increase. Skin care and hair care, facial beauty will also cover.ATTRACTION- herbal tonic, herbal juice improves the complexion and beautifies the body, it improves blood circulation and tone up muscles.
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