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You can now purchase my natural products, such as salves and magnesium lotion, through my on-line store. Also, I would like to thank in advance those of you who choose to purchase through affiliate links on my site. We parents have all been brainwashed into thinking that a fever must be “controlled”, but reducing a fever is one of the worst things we can do! Many pediatricians hand out antibiotics like candy (come to think of it, they shouldn’t be handing out candy so freely, either! 11 home remedies sinus infection - natural treatments, Sinus infection or sinusitis can attack anybody irrespective of age and sex. 3 home remedies sinus infection - , I’ve had chronic sinus infection for since 1997, had a surgery to remove polyps back in 1999, but the infection came back over the next year and has been affecting. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly.

You will be getting a product or service that I believe in and at the same time I will be blessed by your support. Antibiotics are completely ineffective against a virus, though they are often prescribed anyways.
It was actually pretty scary at first, because she woke up with a moderate fever that suddenly spiked to just under 103 degrees, but she had no other symptoms for hours! Messing with the first line of defense, a fever, can make an easy-to-fight-off infection become something requiring toxic medications.
If you were raised on antibiotics, it probably seems like I’m over-reacting, but antibiotics should not be administered unless they are absolutely necessary.
Even worse, almost all ear infections will clear up on their own, even if they are bacterial!
When it comes to childhood illnesses, including ear infections, they are almost never needed.

Since I didn’t know what to treat, I made her some herbal iced tea to sip and we just waited for something to happen.
If your pets ears are sore find out more and get control of those ear infections and stop them from flaring up.
Once the ear pain hit, I finally knew what we were dealing with and I got busy consulting my most trusted herbal information sources.

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